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He holds hostility towards tyranny and statism. Where did it say that states couldn't secede once they entered the union anyways? It doesn't allow or prevent such an act.

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It's being posted as a negative because is full-force endorsing Santorum/Gingrich for president, and Ron Paul came out the other day saying Santorum is unelectable.

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Um, it takes more than one man to legalize something. And he's a US congressman, not a Texas state congressman.

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Did you just admit Santorum is a leftist?

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Oh, sorry, I should've known the neoconservatives wouldn't stand for such insolence regarding their nationalistic creeds! Why do I think more people will advocate freedom on a breitbart board?!!!

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Why not instead just refuse to do the pledge if you disagree with it? This is still a free country, is it not? Or you could just change and omit the words yourself if you need to instead of making a big show of it.

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So then promiscuity hurt people. Their actions hurt people by accident. You put infanticide next to homosexuality, implying a comparison. But there isn't one, as infanticide is an act committed violently against a person, whereas the spread of disease by consensual physical contact is an accident. They spread of germs on people's hands and bodies kills far more people than AIDS ever has. Are they evil for not having clean hands? The flu kills millions. Are carriers evil for contracting the flu out of thin air? The fact is, millions of other homosexuals have had sex and not contracted HIV. There are millions of promiscuous heterosexuals who are a risk to others as well, but why aren't we calling them evil? Why can heteros have anal sex (which rarely results in deadly disease spread) and not be condemned? Point is, being homosexual doesn't hurt people, but being promiscuous (as many homosexuals as well as heterosexuals are) puts your odds of getting infected higher. Life's about choices. People can make a choice not to be promiscuous, but they can't make a choice as to who they're attracted to.

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No, you're still having trouble understanding the concept that being homosexual didn't hurt anyone, but violent actions taken by a violent person did. The original poster was putting infanticide in the same category, though they're certainly not comparable.

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I don't see your point. It wasn't "the homosexuality" that hurt anyone. It was the crazy religious fanaticism and the actions taken by violent individuals in the name of said fanaticism that hurt people.

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No heterosexual ever got AIDS? Or Syphilis, or Gonorrhea? That's news to me.