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Thanks for the kind words!

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hey Kristy, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! We love getting to know you, it\'s always interesting to hear from fellow travelers. I totally agree on number one, travel definitely teaches you to respect other cultures and appreciate the differences. Overt he years, I\'ve also learned that traveling light is the best way to go - the lighter you travel, the more comfortable you\'ll be! :)

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Thanks Cat! I read your blog before going on the Camino, you\'ve got useful tips! We chose to stay in Pedrouzo and there were lots of beds there fortunately when we arrived. Perhaps it\'s because this is just the start of summer, it wasn\'t as crowded as I thought it would be. We didn\'t have any problems getting beds in the municipal albergues at all and it was only crowded in certain sections of the Camino.

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Thanks Lloyd! Well with 7,107 islands in the Philippines, it\'ll take me more than a lifetime to explore every island! ;)

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Yes I went to Doubtful Sound and it was really impressive. We stayed at Deep Cove and headed out on a five-hour kayaking trip and it was just amazing. Loved just how quiet and off the grid it was!

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Bhaktapur is definitely an itneresting part of Nepal. I cant wait to go back myself!

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New Zealand is truly a beautiful country, especially the South Island! Where do you plan on going? The highlight for me was definitely heli-hiking on Franz Josef Glacier. I also loved doing the canyon swing at Queenstown!

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I know quite a few Filipinos who travel a lot. We're very lucky to be able to travel freely. :)

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So happy to hear that Granada is the number one place you want to visit! I\'ve traveled to several parts of Spain and the most beautiful city has got to be Granada, followed by San Sebastian. The setting is out of this world and there\'s just magic in the air. It\'s definitely smaller than many cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla - which is also part of the reason why I love it. Hope you come visit soon!

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Yes Im originally from Singapore and I can definitely guarantee it is one of the safest places in the world - there are obviously statistics to back that up, such as low crime rates. You will have to visit for yourself to find out!