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Franklin told me that Neilist expired.

Reportedly, you people bored him to death.



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Rant, the video was down, the only title reference was "R . . . "

But i figure it has to be "Revolution Blues," right?

Which starts, if memory serves:

"I live in a trailer at the edge of town.
Don't try to see me, 'cause I won't be around.
I've got 25 rifles, just to keep the population down . . . "

[Only 25? Gesh. What a pussy." ]

Sieg Bachmann!!!!

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White Phosphorous only: WILLY PETER MAKE YOU BELIEVER!

There are standards, after all, even for "auto de fe."

Particularly when the "autos" are Land Rovers and Bentleys.

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Dear Communist Liberal Pink SKum:

Happy One Year Closer To The Armed Uprising By Which This Great Country Finally Implodes Into The Weimer Republic, And Michele Von Bachmann Becomes . . . President For Life.

[If you're going down, go down in flames. It's that Gotterdammerung thing . . . .]


Llving In A Trailer Park Near You, Counting The Days, The Child Molesters & Meth Heads Living Near Door, and His Ammunition

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You should have written "Jacketed Lead" then.

Not the MiamiViceMadeOutOfYourDrapesKindofFabricWithTheSleeves RolledUpLikeDonJohnson kind of jacket, though.

The Full Metal kind of jacket.

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All of them, Kathy.

(1) My family was There At The Beginning. Some of you Liberal Communist Pinko SKum may have started hating Nixon (retroactively, perhaps, for you younger KCPSK) when he ran against Helen Gaghagan Douglas for the Senate in 1950.

Johnny-Come-(or perhaps more appropriately "Cum")-Latelys, the lot of you.

In contrast, me Australian Mum began hating Nixon when he ran against Jerry Voorhis for the House in 1946. It is with deepest regret when I think that she died this year, before she could have read that Dick was a Flaming Poofter.

(2) The idea that Nixon was gay should make any self-respecting homo immediately "Go Straight." Without the Tender Ministrations of Marcus Bachmann.

(3) The choice of Bebe Rebozo as a "Boy Toy" makes J. Edgar Hoover relationship with Clyde Tolson look like Damon and Pythias.

But, seriously, nothing you Communist Liberal Pinko SKum could really appall me. To borrow from that Bog Irish, No Talent Dirtbag, Elvis Costello: "I used to be disgusted. Now I'm just amused . . . ."

Neilist, Wonkette Adjunct Director
Committee To Re-Elect The President ("CREEP")
The Basement
Watergate Hotel
Washington, D.C.

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You Communist Liberal Pinko SKum: This is EXACTLY like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

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Norman Mailer never admitted to being buggered in a public school.

(To my knowledge, anyway.)

Would that the same could be said about most of the "men" in here . . . .

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All I can say is that (1) Benazir Bhutto is Still DEAD; and (2) You people are still . . . well . . . why belabor the latter point.

But I really appreciate the "vicious" comment. Truly, I do. It means so much coming from you people.

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Well, yes, all that is true. But then,. Obama is . . . well . . .::how to put this politely?::: . . .a . . . :::Cough::: . . . .Negro.