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yeah i know, but thats the supposed plan, and its the only thing that makes sense with them showing up, especially with the bitchy way Nikki was acting in the backstage interview.

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supposedly Rousey vs Nikki bella for the title at the Evolution PPV

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in-ring Charlotte is better, but character and promo wise no-one was even close to Alexas level this year.

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i think Cody enjoys have control over his character too much to ever consider returning.

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It's unlikely that Cody is ever coming back, regardless of the deal that he is offered, I can see Kenny Omega getting an offer to think about though.

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only one member of new day going in, the other two can still do the tag team mitb.

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While Charlotte is obviously the better wrestler of the two, and there is more upside to her, I personally am sick of seeing her. She has been way too dominant for way too long and i would prefer to see her away from the title for a little bit, and open up space for other challengers. I'd love to see Becky Lynch get some time at the top. since 2014 Charlotte has had 7 title reigns, some of them lengthy. that is ridiculous.

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and then whenever he gets asked about it he continues to say that he doesn't speak english.

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he still has to serve out a six month suspension, and be back in the drug testing pool for a specific amount of time that i cant remember before he can have his first fight. i cant see it happening this year.

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the person who was pinned doesnt matter, it was the tag team being beaten by one person that was the issue.