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The Book of Ruth in the Old Testament is much valued by Jews.
It is about a Moabite young woman who elected to join her mother-in-law, who moved back to Bethlehem after ten years in Moab. Ruth promised to follow Naomi's God, and to love Him. Both the women were widows - Naomi was now too old to have children, so held out no hope of finding an husband, Ruth was much younger, so able to bear children.
A prince of Israel, a kinsman of Naomi's dead husband, named Boaz, heard about Ruth and her decision to be a full proselyte, and eventually married her, saving her (and Naomi) from a lifetime of menial work in the fields. Thus a former pagan was chosen by God to become great-grandmother to David, and part of the lineage of Jesus Christ.

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Interesting question, but no. Despite his error, Adam was far from satanic.
The both cannot be reconciled.

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At this moment I am waiting for actual data (FOI) from one of Wales's biggest hospitals.
I have asked for very specific information. So I can’t comment on what you say, except that you don’t say what your job is/was, and does not tell me in real detail how many were genuine cases of COVID, how many died from it (and not from related causes), how much of an area your hospital covered (some took in patients from a far wider area than usual, so as to concentrate patients in one place). Also, how many outpatients with serious problems have not been seen since January 2020, leading to serious progression of their conditions, and so on. The hospital I requested information from was virtually empty for many months, and when I was able to access it, NO professionals wore masks… and those with serious complaints are not examined at all.
It is a fact that many hospitals (especially in the USA) inflated cases of COVID because it suited Democrat governors, and because they were given emergency funding. They also lied about deaths, saying they were caused by COVID when they were not, to maintain funding and to satisfy politics. So, forgive my cynicism. I ask you to tell me – out of all deaths do you KNOW for certain what they died from? COVID because of underlying morbidities, or not? It makes a vast difference. As for lockdowns, there is no scientific proof that they are useful. Rather, there is proof that they exacerbate infection rates.
Look at Sweden et al. When a virus in a pandemic does not naturally run its course, it is thwarted and continues anyway, sometimes becoming stronger. Thus, any ‘second wave’ will NOT be a second wave, but a continuation of the original one.
It is fact that this coronavirus, though of the same family as flu, colds etc., has been badly handled. This has been obvious from second month in, but government continues to use bad policies based on bad computerised data. That is why HEALTHY people are warned to use masks. Only those with the virus need wear one – that is, if they do not do the ‘right thing’ and stay at home. The fear this false ‘crisis’ has made is abominable.
It is my real concern for lives that leads me to speak this way (see my almost daily reports).
And remember, only 1% of all COVID (genuine) cases lead to death… a number that does not in any way warrant the draconian measures taken by Britain etc. The suffering it has resulted in is enormous and economies almost destroyed… the latter leading to even more human suffering.

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Homosexuals are responsible for the actual introduction of AIDS to the world. They continue to kill millions with the virus. They seduce and corrupt children. They lie and cheat and flaunt their evil ways upon nations, against God’s commands. They are violent and do wicked things.
God says He hates homosexuality and those who indulge in its filthiness. There is no talk of love! The only love we are permitted is ordinary concern for fellow human beings… we cannot love those whom God says He hates! Also, we may show love if they repent and stop their evil completely.
Why choose to say we must love them, when God in His word says they should be put to death?
The New Testament changed this to eternal death, but this does not give us freedom to love those who hate us and God. Your selection of texts is very narrow and ignore the serious texts that condemn sexual evils. Begin with Psalm 1 verse 1 and go from there!

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Do I assume you are not referring to the article but to my response to an email??
Also, I am not quite sure what your point it. Of all people, Peter knew Jesus was Lord.

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The Jews have had to move around continuously for two reasons:
The judgment of God – for rejecting the Messiah
The judgment of sinning people, who found them to be a convenient scapegoat…
usually claiming the Jews were responsible for all kinds of evil

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We are told explicitly that God casts unbelievers into hell.
We only ‘choose’ to go there by our own beliefs and actions.
Because we are not elect and never will be, so we act out our unbeliefs on earth. So, in a sense we ‘choose’ by our
defiance. On the other hand, Satan is the father of the unsaved and they do his bidding, even to damnation. But, above all that, Satan can only do what God allows.

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Thank you for your comments.
You are right – they can look the same.
We may legitimately judge others by what they say and do.
However, it is possible for ‘carnal’ Christians to look just like Christians who live holy lives.
At the moment, Trump says and does many things that appear to be true, but he still presents with problem areas. Churchill had his ‘moments’ too. However, overall, I thank God for both men because He evidently has used them.

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Thank you for your comments.
Both Yoga and TM are activities of Hinduism.
I am aware of the Harvard studies, and of many others.
As my own studies with Dublin University also say – ANY exercise is beneficial. There is no need at all to resort to eastern mysticism and Hindu occultism to have exercise!
I remember when TM and yoga were brought into the West by a variety of gurus. I studied them in depth and saw they
were deceivers, bringing in a false religion dressed as exercise…every position in yoga is a prayer to an Hindu god.
And TM is shared by Buddhism and Hinduism… both occult practices. You cannot see it because you are also deceived by the same false gods. Turn from them for the sake of your soul’s eternity.
For your views - I acknowledge their sincerity.

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Thank you for your views - I acknowledge their sincerity.
But, sincerity alone is of no value.
From my perspective Hinduism is demonic and presents with many false gods.
I recognise that some, like yourself, are not violent etc. But this is not the point. The real point is that the one true God despises false religion and false gods (who, He says, are dead and cannot speak), and He tells us they will eventually enter hell.
As a believer in God I obey His commands, and one of them is to oppose evil and convey the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. So, the articles you speak of are a direct result of this.
I urge you to realise that an Hindu society is riddled with false gods who can do nothing for you, except make you fear. God says you (and I) are sinners who require salvation. Therefore, I ask you to repent of your sins and turn to God… read of Him in the Bible. I can almost guarantee that if you do so, your false gods (who are really demons) will try their best to frighten you out of it.
Please consider what I say… because it is vital to your earthly and then your future condition. Your false gods WANT you to refuse God, so that you end up in hell – because that is the place THEY will end up, along with Satan.
Often, God will cause a believer in a cult (such as Hinduism) to contact a Christian.
The person (in this case, you as an Hindu) will argue your case and think this is all there is to it. But, I can assure you from long past experience, that God has moved you to contact me so that I can tell you that you need His Gospel. If you refuse, then you carry your own destruction upon your shoulders.
Read the Bible. See how the one and only God demands that you repent of your sins and your beliefs in false gods. Believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Himself God. Turn away from your false religion. This will be hard, I know…
Others will try to turn you back, and some might even threaten you… but, the demons you have believed in all your life will come to torment you, so you will give up.
I know this is true because of the Hindus in India who have contacted me.
Even so, you must stand up to these foul beings and your own Hindu countrymen.
Because to listen to them is to embrace your coming eternity in hell.
Is this what you truly want?