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Thanks for your comment.
The matters raised in the article were approached AFTER a number of far loftier Christians spoke to Stott, who rejected their words and sentiments.
I agree that teaching truth is better than jumping down the throats of believers. However, when that truth is then returned void, there must be admonition, if not sharp rebuke. Heresy must be obvious before it is called that.

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I stand corrected. He was born in Hungary (now northern Croatia) and moved to receive education in Vienna in 1879. So, best to say he
lived in Austria.

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Not a bad start to your scathing comments! You start with an error.
Your linking of human beings sinning has nothing to do with the real point – that when God condemns something Christians have no right or business going against.
Yes, we all sin. But, the sin is condemned by God. It must be repented of and the person must change. So yes, as per God’s command I am judging those I speak of in the text.
Next you broaden out your anger by saying ALL my articles are “insanely stupid”.
Are you homosexual or Islamist? As for your accusation, that I must be homosexual… guess what? I heard that nonsense back in the 1970s when I challenged consultant psychiatrists. They didn’t win! It is an accusation that still comes up in childish rants, and it is still a very silly thing to say. You also say I have a “very very serious mental illness”.
If this is true I invite you to tell me what that illness is, in detail, so I can get help. (As you might know I am qualified to argue this).
Overall, your diatribe is from someone who is unsaved, and without knowledge… and with a propensity for foul language.
It is God Who judges the people in my short article, not me. I only stand against what God stands against. Your cryptic statement about BPD is incorrect and quoted out of context. If you wish to follow up with a sensible and rational argument I will be glad to read and publish it. But first make sure you have all the facts and can manage to write without using foul language (which I have edited).
Finally, how many other readers have noticed the resort to fascism? I “need to shut up”, what I say “needs to be stopped”, “never speak or write again”… Yet, my short article contains nothing like the hatred you just threw out at me.

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Hello again.
When we subject ourselves to a government we automatically support it by our attitude and actions. Your quote from Peter is perfectly correct.
However, see the Addendum to the article, to be published later.

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Thankyou. Mostly you are repeating what I said in the article.
But there are flaws in your conclusions. I will write an addendum to the original article to make plain what I said, and what I believe scripture says.

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Perhaps a genuine question, but still coming from those who do not know God.
The answers are far too long to put into a simple few sentences. please see other articles on our website (and on my private list). Basically, it comes down to the Gospel, which runs through all scripture.

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7th January 2021:
The emphasis on money and economy was because that is what the comments were about! And the destruction of jobs and income directly affect millions, some of whom commit suicide out of despair. The overall statistics are malleable and can mean whatever ‘experts’ tell us… I question that there was a surge in the new virus (a number of viruses are coronaviruses), and we have passed on many warnings by scientists and doctors that there is a concerted effort to cause fear by recording deaths linked to the virus (SARSCoV2) rather than caused by the virus. There is a vast difference! Lockdowns were invented, literally, by a college student and do nothing to stop the spread of ANY virus. The new virus is NOT the worst we have ever seen… it is a fairly weak virus, less so than any flu virus. It is the government and its continuous scare tactics that make the virus appear to be the worst. As I keep telling our readers, of all who contract the virus a staggering 99.6% do not even feel ill!! The death rate has remained constant throughout, even with the supposed new variant (if it actually exists), which is NOT worse, but has the same outcome as that of the original virus. please check on all known sources of information before coming down in favour of blatantly unscientific government AND hospital figures!! The purpose of the approach to this virus (an approach never used to deal with annual flu) is to force the people to obey the whims of government, who are trying hard to force us into accepting a global socialism (the great reset). It is so obvious that big tech companies close down any and all opposition and alternative arguments. As for the vaccine – only a fool will accept the vaccine, untested and with yet to come serious results to millions. Masks do nothing, nor does distancing… all scientific facts. I did not continue my nursing pin number because of the corrupt nature of nursing and hospitals today!

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Only those who are without God can say that.

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I was amused… on a mask I used to wear (but no longer – I refuse) I wrote ‘Worn Under Protest’!!
If all people did this and complained to Boris and other world leaders they would take notice!! (Though would probably not
stop their lies)

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Good points until the last…there will be no millennium reign on earth. Please see my article on this common mistake.