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Correct. But the second part seems to require a restore, so I will wait for iOS 6.01 jailbreak, until then, my current activated SIM should get me through.

Thanks for the clarifications.

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Haha, in this case, your certainty wins for sure!

As for me being overseas, I don't see why that's relevant, as my phone is already working without issue with SAM, and it also supports Gevey, but as for IMEI unlock, I have been told if I restore to the latest version, then I would get the "activation" message first thing when I insert a non-US SIM.

But I do get your point about CDMAs constant connection and activation to the carrier, which makes the rules and procedures different to typical GSM phones.

Anyway, for me, the whole thing started to became an issue when I was told I need to restore to the latest version; I simply don't want to exchange jailbreak for anything else.

Though honestly, my persistence is mostly due to confirming whether the unlock process has been successful or not...

Now I will sit back patiently until jailbreak, this time without trying to do anything stupid like putting my phone into DFU. :)

Thanks once again, especially for going through Redsn0w with all your iDevices in order to clarify (or to disprove!) my claim. :)

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I have tried it through SAM already, I get this message: (link removed. Standard itunes message about unsupported sim)

As I have pointed out earlier, I reside outside of USA and I am using SAM ticket for my current SIM, so I have no need to connect to Sprint's CDMA network.

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There's "Extras" then there's "Even More". My version is "redsn0w 0.9.15b3", and I am certain that there's no deactivate option in any of these pages.

I assure you that.

Can you please clarify? Thanks.

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Hey a question, I just wanted to give deactivating through Redsn0w a chance. But the option "deactivate" does not exist. I have checked elsewhere and apparently, it's located in the "Jailbreak" section, but as my iPhone is jailbroken already, when I click on Jailbreak, it says "This iPhone 4S is already jailbroken with rocky racoon".

I stupidly tried to put the iPhone in DFU to see if then I could deactivate, but to my dismay, clicking Jailbreak at that time would only tell me it's not supported for my device, which I know, but I only wanted to deactivate my phone...

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I haven't heard about the CDMA related issues with re-restore, but then again, I haven't made any research in that regard...

I guess now I will most likely stay on 5.11 and restore to 6.XX when the jailbreak releases for it. After all, I have Gevey, X-SIM and my current SIM is already SAM unlocked.

I have had a lot of headaches today asking around for this, and I can't seem to find any definitive answers as this situation is not common at all, so it's best to stay on 5.1.1.

Thanks to both of you for the all informative replies, really appreciate it.

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Thanks for the reply. As I pointed out in my first post, I have already tried to deactivate through SAM, but iTunes then gives me the message that my iPhone only supports certain SIMs from the carrier.

Though as you and dhlizard have mentioned, the rules for CDMA may not quite apply for GSM, and as I am activated with SAM tickets, I don't want to completely lose my jailbreak by upgrading to iOS 6.01 just to see if it works...

I guess I may give re-restoring to 5.11 a chance before waiting until iOS6 jailbreak arrives, which I personally don't think will occur any time soon.

Before I go with the re-restore method, I have one question, what's the best app/backup method to literally backup everything from my iPhone? I want to do that so that after the restore, I'd only need a jailbreak to get all my stuff back, though I am not sure if that's even possible so a clarification would be highly appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply, but I have had this CDMA 4S for for more than half a year and I have been using it with no issue. First through Gevey and later on with SAM tickets exploit when it was available until this point.

I get what you're saying about CDMA vs GSM, but that's a bit irrelevant to my situation. There are IMEI unlocks for both Sprint and Verizon, but they will only work for international SIMs, and that's not issue for me as I don't reside in the US.

Probably it was better for me to just ask this simple question instead: after an IMEI unlock you are required to "restore" for getting the "factory unlocked" message from iTunes, would re-restoring through Redsn0w from 5.11 to 5.11 have the same effect?

That's all I really want to know. Thanks again.

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Do you mean that generally IMEI unlocks don't work on CDMA phones? I am asking because I didn't quite get you, and there are plenty of reliable sources that offer IMEI unlock for a hefty price which unlocks the SIM slot of CDMA phones, i.e. Sprint, Verizon, etc.

My phone is already SAM activated with my current SIM, but I will travel soon and hence I decided to IMEI unlock it. Now I just want to activate it through iTunes without upgrading to iOS 6.01 in fear of losing both my jailbreak and unsuccessful attempt to factory unlock the phone.

So I believe SIM Interposers are irrelevant to my case... Any idea what should I need to do?

Once again, thanks.

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If your iPhone is currently locked, it will remain locked to the same carrier; what worse could happen to it anyway?

So unless you rely on hardware or software unlock, you don't have to care about your lock status. Update your iOS to 6.01 if you do wish so.