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The only thing that's going to take down the U.S, like any other great power before us, is our own hubris and mismanagement. And that's exactly what we're delivering by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to kill one 'bad guy' that wouldn't exist if we weren't there in the first place. There's wanting to bring terrorists to justice and then there's being pathetically stupid about doing so, and that's what we're doing very well.

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Restrict people from voting because you disagree with them. How American!

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Wow. The irony. Here we are in a thread of anonymous jackals howling for this guy's extrajudicial execution (when it wasn't even him that got the information in the first place), and one of them is calling their wished victim a Nazi. I just cannot believe it.

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They can't come up with any proof at all that these leaked documents actually led to any servicemen dying. But there's tons of proof that people perpetuating these useless money pits - instead of actually focusing on taking out Al Qaeda - and sending our soldiers to die just to save face have caused PLENTY of deaths.

Transparency is absolutely INTEGRAL to the notion of our Republic. It is the duty of the citizenry to police our own government, and we've done a completely piss poor job. So now when there's one guy out there that will actually put out information the military has been deliberately hiding from the American people, you think he's trash and want him assassinated just like the Soviets would've done.

There's nothing patriotic about that. If any of our soldiers die over there, it's the fault of the spineless politicians and sycophants who put them there in the first place without a clear objective or purpose and refuse to admit what they've done.

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Your characterizations are laughably false. I was against big government when you were for it, and still are. That's all because of the gigantic military apparatus sucking trillions of dollars out of our economy to waste on bombing weddings half a world away and completely losing sight of actually, you know, hunting down Al Qaeda, all the while sinking us deeper into a pit, JUST like OBL wants and said as much nearly a decade ago. They're winning, and it's because guys like you are incapable of separating the actions of our government from those of our people.

How can you believe that more government is inherently bad, but completely toss your principles aside when it comes to the military-industrial complex? Don't call me a liberal because I stick to my guns and refuse to be a liberal on foreign policy.

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I didn't know the definition of 'patriotism' was complete and utter subservience to the rich ruling class. If the Founding Fathers had a similar definition, we'd still be a British colony.

You guys aren't patriots for wishing this guy murdered because he dares to lift the shroud off of our unaccountable shadow government, you're loyalists and you would've fought on the other side (if you'd even have fought at all) in 1776.

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Any Paul supporter that would physically or verbally threaten you with violence, Lisa, doesn't care about a key part of his political philosophy being the non-aggression principle. The internet, however, is full of all kinds. It's unwise to rush to conclusions about people.

I'm a Paul supporter, and I voraciously disagree with a lot of what you say. I think McCain is a neocon (Doesn't seem very Jewish to me), think our foreign policy creates terrorists instead of stopping them, and very much disagree with the direction this party and this country are going.

However, I would never wish, nor threaten, nor be glad to hear of any violence against you. Anyone, even if they were a political ally, that would do such a thing deserves to rot in a cage for the rest of their days. There are bad eggs in any group, but condemning us all for internet rhetoric and the violent, hypocritical actions of a select few make you no better than those who attack you.

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She's against the war just like Pelosi's against the war, I'd wager.

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So Kent State happens yet again, but because brown people died instead of American students it'll reach not even an iota of the same state of controversy.

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I was actually just referring to those above who insisted Justin is tantamount to a 'betrayer' because he's on the side that thinks Al Qaeda did it, and any specific insults you thought I was throwing was misunderstood as what I was doing was going for your argument defending the several people above who're quickly moving for the torches and pitchforks approach for this article. I'm making no distinction, to be honest I have no idea what happened. I merely have my opinions, thus the investigation is necessary. (Also, the government not 'letting' an investigation occur refers to the cover-ups, which obviously would impede one.) I've heard points of view on the matter from physicists in support of the 'inside job' theory and those against it, and in the end I know just as much as I did before: Nothing. Is it not enough to simply be a skeptic and work toward uncovering what the government has covered up? One MUST sign on fully and immediately to either side presented even if I find both sides to be far-fetched and lacking in specifics? Either your theory is correct or the establishment's theory is correct? That is what I'm referring to.