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It's nice that you were looking out for proper English usage on signs in Malaysia. However instead of ranting it on Twitter, did you write a formal letter of complaint to the concerned KFC restaurant manager in your impeccable English? Bawling it out on Twitter only shows how discontent you are, but not doing anything is not any better. Or were you relying on the "viralling trend" so prevalent in Malaysia as a mean to shame in order to educate? I do not condone you being insulted for your views, but lashing it out at the KFC worker who was a byproduct of our mediocre education system clearly does not address the problem. Learning English in Malaysian schools has a high emphasis on knowing vocabulary and idioms instead of proper grammatical structure and syntax. It doesn't help that Malay and English come from different language groups (Austronesian vs. Indo-European), so the approach we've been using is obviously not effective. Maybe address about the ineffective teaching instead?

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Maybe they can apply for the Malaysian record "Biggest food waste in a single event"?

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Cant' we just deport them to Syria? They'll be happier there.

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Wow, you think there is a correlation between race and competence to govern? Clearly shows your upbringing and lack of maturity. Not to mention you contradicted yourself. This is why the Ministry of Education should allow students to repeat their years instead of moving up automatically to the next grade.

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Well, remember those Muslims who supposedly said that Pokémon, Pikachu, Charmander were actually Hebrew for God is weak, etc. and that it is a ploy by the Jews to destroy Islam? Well, if you can slander other communities and be okay with it, why are you all offended and pissed off when other communities poke a little fun (based on something which ACTUALLY happened) at you? If you're not satisfied, counter them with an equally sarcastic article or a factual one detailing your arguments and reasoning. Just sitting in your armchair huffing away how 'tak puas hati' you are won't get you nowhere. Do something for a change!

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Saya rasa masyarakat kita yang ketagih "viral"kan sesuatu benda, selalunya tanpa usul periksa, demi mendapat pengesahan daripada masyarakat menjadi punca menularnya penerbitan dan posting berita yang tidak sahih. Kita harus mengubah persepsi rakyat kita untuk memandang rendah kualiti berita yang teruk, tidak sahih dan tidak berasaskan fakta. Demi mendapat bilangan pembaca yang tinggi, surat akhbar berbahasa Melayu mencampur aduk berita serius dan berita selebriti picisan (Artis sekian-sekian gian makan karipap, atau artis itu demam dsb.) Sekurang-kurangnya di UK ada pilihan antara The Times, Daily Telegraph, the Guardian dan akhbar seperti Daily Sun, Daily Mirror dan Daily Mail. Surat khabar di Malaysia pula? Semua berlumba-lumba jadi tabloid dan menepikan rencana-rencana berita yang sarat dengan maklumat dan analisis serta kualiti kewartawanan yang tinggi.

Apa-apapun, saya rasa kalau Mufti berniat untuk "haramkan" sesuatu, maka lebih baik haramkan sumber-sumber berita online yang tidak sahih dan penyebar fitnah.*cough*siakap*cough*

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When ordinary Muslims comment about Islam, they are quick to be told to shut up because "tak cukup ilmu" and "kalau tak pakar, usah komen". Why is the mufti doing the same for a smartphone application? Is he a programmer? Is he an expert on Pokémon? Can he kindly reveal to us how many Malaysian Muslims have gone all-out murtad due to Pokémon since 1996? If you want to talk about traffic accidents, why don't you ask the Pak Lebai in the kampungs to wear a helmet while riding their motorcycle to the mosque instead of their serban? If you want to talk about personal privacy, then what about those viral websites who take pictures and even videos of people without their permission in a bid to shame them, only to find out that the news was not even true in the first place? Addiction to gadgets? Where were you when Candy Crush came out? Farmville?Double standard hypocrites!

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I hope natural selection will do the rest.

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“Saya tidak tahu mengenai permainan ini, namun jika berbentuk perjudian dan melalaikan, ia perlu disekat kemasukannya ke negara ini,” katanya seperti dipetik Berita Harian.

Biar saya ulang ucapan orang apabila ingin komen sesuatu isu yang dia bukan arif:
"Kalau bukan pakar, jangan sibuk nak ulas"
Kena balik kat kau.

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Good luck being ignored, Hadi. And yet you say that hudud only affects Muslims when you are trying to ask the clearly non-Muslim WSJ to provide proof based on your interpretation of law??