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Repeating a lie never makes it true.

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Your entire argument was subjected by the fact that you knew of what you spoke because you in fact did live in TX, so I didn't put words in you post but rather commented on them. As gov, his job does not end when the legislature is not in session and he is not and would not be another Bush. Yah, we have our own vote but is it too much to ask that you back up your assertions with facts?

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You may be shocked, but your not the only one who lives in TX.

I've many examples of politicians who continue to deny and spin even when proof is presented.
I don't believe Rick has ever stated he is perfect, nor have I, but he is the only consertive with executive gov. experience. Guardisill wasn't a finger in the wind,(good idea with parent opt out for those who thought it was a slut shot) neither was TransTX. Perhaps had he been pro-abortion then anti, or pro glo-bs warming then quietly retracted it, or even pro social medicine you'd like him better.

Oh, and if TX is in such a state of decay then why on earth is everybody moving here? It can't be for the lovely weather.

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and you haven't? The difference between Perry and the rest is that he admits when he does something wrong instead of spinnin and lying to get away with the truth.

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I've read all three and hope the movies do the book justice. I love the idea having a young adult adventure series showing the evils of communism.

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When did we get 10%?

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Lots of money for mild altering drugs.

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To all of you that are complaining about the violence in this move, please go watch footage of an abortion.

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In Texas there is a saying, "Some People just need killing" and I fully agree. Now, let me explain, Killing is the taking of life, murder is the taking of innocent life, I am against murder and those who perpertraite it.
Is your argument that abortion doctors don't realize that they are murdering an innocent? Or that the (I will refrain from the use of mother here because someone who murders their unborn child cannot be called one) person who's body is carrying the innocent child does not understand what is about to take place? Really that is your argument that this movie to too violent in sensationalizing of killing people then I would encourage you to watch footage from an abortion and then we can discuses levels of violence.

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"It’s funny that in the September of her years"

Her September is long gone