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The sad truth of all of this is that the only lesson we learn from death is life goes on.
Dr Kublalsingh has decide that he is willing to die for his cause.
Will he be hailed as a martyr by his supporters? I am sure that he will be heralded as such.
Will his death cause the building of the road to be stopped or rerouted? I sincerely doubt that that will happen.
The problem is that he does not realize that he has already lost the proverbial staring contest. The government will not blink and unfortunately, Dr Kublalsingh may have to suffer the ignominy of dying for a lost cause.
His remains will be cremated or interred. His loved ones will mourn his passing and then like everyone else they will return to the routines of their daily lives.
This is just so sad.

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Thanks for the info.
I did see "recycled cork" in the description but I did not fully get it. I wish the article was as detailed as your description.
I guess I had to be there.
Thanks again.

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Do people still say "cork?"

It is truly a beautiful gown but I wish the designer had come up with a better name. I remember people used to say "cork" back in the late 80's to refer to something good.
Anyway, who am I to judge ? In the words of Shakespeare in act 2 scene 2 of "Romeo and Juliet":

"What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet"

That gown would have won regardless of any other name it may have carried.

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VCR's (betamax mind you) tamed Trinis and killed the cinema lime.

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"ALL past, present and future money laundering transactions will be caught under the Miscellaneous Provisions"

I wish them good luck in what seems to be a quixotic quest at best. I don't know how nice it will be though when it turns out that they may have to go after family and friends of politicians. Some how or the other, I foresee selective enforcement taking place.
I guess that a wait and see approach would be best in this instance.

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In the late 80's a similar event occurred at my house. We had reported the sagging top line to T&TEC but they never came to repair the problem. One day the top line touched the exposed neutral line attached to my house. There was a huge explosion and everything that was plugged in at the time, from the TV to the fridge, stopped working. T&TEC dispatched a crew almost immediately and they came and lowered the line running to our house.
A few days later, a very rude investigator came, took some notes and left. About a week later we received a letter from T&TEC saying that they were not responsible for the damages. I guess that since Trinidad and Trinidadians have become more legally aware, T&TEC is not taking chances any more. I hope that Miss Stephen still sues them.

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I can laugh now but back in the late 70's and early 80's I was one of the little guys rushing for a taxi after the movie.
Heroes of Shaolin with Chen Sing

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Don't forget Snuff Bottle Connection, One Arm Boxer or Secret Rivals.
Remember the days when people used to line up orderly in front the cinema and as soon as the gates open is push, cuff and kick to get in? Was karate even before the double started.
When the movie was over, every street sign and garbage can was in big trouble.
Finally if you were a small guy and the 'kick up" double finish, you had better run fast to get a taxi before the "masters" of kung fu ran out of garbage cans and street signs.

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Why is anyone surprised? Under the Westminister system the ruling party always gets its way.
I am waiting patiently though to see how that two term limit on a Prime Minister provision will eventually work.

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Congratulations Keshorn. I am sure that you will strike gold at the next international meet. I also really love and admire your healthy attitude.