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Here, here! In the Marine Corps, we have a saying..."Complacency kills."

That is exactly what I fear most about this administration. Whether this Obama's complacency stems from a willful disregard, or because of a complete lack of experience and liberal naïveté's still complacency and IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!

I just hope that whenever these "jihadists" strike next - innocent, rational, tax-paying Patriots aren't the victims once again.

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I couldn't agree more with "photonsoflight" above...the images of 9/11 should be seen by all Americans more often than not. Americans too easily take for granted the prosperity, freedoms, and opportunity they are afforded within our borders - the safest borders ever known to man - and are too quick to forget how easily it can all be taken away if/when we become idle and let our guard down.
As a Marine with 2 combat tours (Iraq '03, Afghanistan '04), I immediately moved to New York City after leaving active duty in '05...and my office was based in 2 WFC - which is right at Ground Zero. Every day I walked into work, I was directly reminded exactly why I served my country and who our enemies are. My only wish is that the rest of America is as aware and stays informed...

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Actually, "Eric09", it was people like Murtha that voted "YES" for an invasion of quickly (& conveniently) you forget.
It wasn't until 2005 that Murtha took his stance against the war...and his fellow Marines in Haditha, Iraq. Funny how he came out blabbing that the Marines in question were awful and needed to be thrown in jail - before an investigation was even launched. He then proceeded to state that the "surge" would never work. Well, I guess that's just two more idiotic stances of Murtha proven wrong (Marines were found innocent and the surge worked).
Murtha was an absolute disgrace to the Marine Corps...and Congress.

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Good to go...FIRE FOR EFFECT!!! Love the mortar fire analogy...

Thank goodness the cameras caught Alito mouthing "not true", as it truly was yet another "You Lie!" moment from Obama. We can't let his lies/deception continue to be ignored by the MSM. I'd be willing to bet that Chairman O has told more lies/deceived the public more in his one year of office than all of the presidaents before him...combined.

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These Marines are from the same unit (1/6, 2MARDIV) and in exactly the same area I was/we were back in fact, we were the "main effort" for the enitre Afghan theater and captured 131 al qaeda & taliban - and killed twice as many (in just over 2 months of sustained combat ops).
Thus, I have absolutely no doubt that these brave men will be victorious - if/when this administration gives them the resources and proper R.O.E. to aggressively engage the enemy. Until then, we Americans are NOT safe...overseas and at home.
God Bless America & the Corps...and Semper Fi, Marines of 1/6!!!

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So, Obama's administration has no problem being "transparent" with the Japanese regarding various secret military pacts we've had with Japan for 40-50 years...but he/they still refuse to be trasparent with his own constituency (the American people!) regarding their healthcare, deficit spending, taxation, backroom deals with Senators and unions, the AG's decision to drop charges against the New Black Panthers (who were threatening voters at a polling site in Philly), "mirandizing" terrorists (when we don't even offer our own troops the same "miranda" rights!), etc., etc., etc.?!?!?!
Please, please, please vote these idiots out in 2010 & 2012!

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Thank you, "Great Satan", for concisely stating what I'm thinking...and doing it well.

BTW - love the screen name. O'Reilly had a great op-ed espousing the same title ("Great Satan")...thought you'd enjoy it (if you haven't seen it already):,2933,583261,00.htm...

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Oorah! Couldn't agree more...

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And how about down in MD, where the former Dem. mayor of Baltimore, Sheila Dixon, was just convicted of defrauding her own constituents out of welfare gift cards! Or Bill Jefferson hiding bribe money in his freezer in LA. Or John Murtha's bribes & kickbacks in PA? Or Charlie Rangel's not paying taxes? Or Gov. Blago in IL getting paid for Obama's vacant senate seat? Or Kwame Kilpatrick's theft, perjury, misconduct and obstruction in Detroit? Or Gov. Siegelman of Alabama getting convicted of bribery by a federal court. Or Elliot Spitzer & his prostitutes? Or Newark mayor Sharpe James' fraud and conspiracy conviction? How low can you go, Rev.?
We can go back and forth, for weeks on end, pointing out versions of Dem. and Rep. political criminals alike...that's besides the point here. But way to go with the typical "what about Cheyney" and "blame it all on Bush"-style retorts. Now that's progress!

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It was my absolute honor to do so...thank you for the gracious note.