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Celestia crushing on Sombra is really cute :)

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So... Shining Armor wasn't a jock? Shocking!

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Rule, Britannia !

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Fleetfoot/Big Mac is my new OTP! *_*

But seriously, I didn't expect anything good when I bought issue and it turned out freaking hilarious.

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I liked it. It's not the greatest thing ever, nor a horrible disasterous thing to end the fandom. I just had fun watching it, simple as that :)

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I love it. It's great and very Pinkie. The only (little) letdown: The third cover made me hope Pinkie's sisters would make an appearence.

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It has been released on Comixology already.

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My very first idea for a MLP fanfic centered on a former student of Celestia turned villain, out to steal the element of magic from Twilight. I never got around to write more than a few scenes for it. I'm actually kind of happy to see plot like this pop up in the show (even though a lot less dark).

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Thanks for the comixology link! Didn't think I'd get my hand on it that fast over here in Europe.

As for the comic: It's fun. Not as great as the show so far, but it's nice to have another official medium that can go to places where the show can't (longer, action-packed adventure arcs, for example).

And it's really funny to see how different this comic's target audience is. I lost it when Rarity said "Well, that escalated quickly" :D

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I only became a fan of Trixie after I came in contact with the massive fanbase around her.

Now, with the new Trixie episode coming up, I'm split about my feelings. I'm looking forward to see her again, but I'm afraid they'll turn her into a full, irredeemable villain and crush all those other charming fanon interpretations of Trixie (antihero, misunderstood, misguided and many more) with the canon hammer.

That reminds me: What happend to the "Trixie is Twilight's sister" thing? It was big about year ago, but has all but vanished by now...