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Come on people, it's nearing the precipice of a big push to April 15. Let's wake the real sleeping giant, the true backbone of our mighty Republic YOU. We, the people of this country who believe in hard work and earning a fair wage for a hard days work. We, who love this country and what it stands for. We, who have morals and values and believe in kindness and charity towards our fellow man. We, who've had it up to here with promises not kept and lip service from politicians, regardless of party. Wake up. Scream!! Take it Back!
This is not one of those time when we can let everyone else do the hard work, we must do it ourselves, raise your voice!!!!

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Check out the Alaskan Tea Bag Shirt Designed locally in Wrangell of all places. :)
There is also a wide range of other products with the Alaskan Tea Party Design!!!
Check them out!

As a note to all, I am not a big tee shirt company, I'm a mother of two with a full time job in a grocery store. The things going on in our government scare the hell out of me and I usually cope with things through art. I don't have the money to travel to Washington and be seen and heard so I wanted to be involved the only way I can. I have also created a VIRTUAL TEA BAG that you can feel free to copy and paste from my website to use in any way you'd like. http://www.alaskanartistnicoletaylor.com/tea_part...
I also created a a printable fax sheet thats already to roll out to our state officals

I hope you can use these :)

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Being smarter shouldn't be a problem!

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Once the pile of bricks had finally been moved, e few weeks later his dad asked him to start moving them somewhere else.
To this day my husband cannot sit around and do nothing, he always has to be working and being productive.

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Raven your replies give me some hope, and I also remember working for a full year when I was 6 to buy a Tiara of all thing that I just had to have. I was so proud of my accomplishment when I finally paid it off!.
My husband recently told me a story of a pile of red bricks. When he was young there was a pile of red bricks in his yard. When he was done with his regular chores, his dad would ask him to start moving the bricks to the other side of the house.....it was a big pile!

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Some observations, please comment!!

For the last few years I've noticed are serious lack of work ethic in the teens in the town where I live. When my children were elementary school age, my husband and I chose to work separate shifts. I worked Swing and he worked a very early day shift. The reasons for this were twofold, I was fiercely against paying somebody else to raise my children because I had to work and I was also low income and didn't have the option of staying home with them. I didn't go to work days until they were much older. My husband and I rarely saw each other during these early years, we were like ships passing at sea. There were times when I thought I may have to file for Public assistance to get by but when I looked into the possibility, I found that they required me to work and also required me to put my children into daycare. Something I was not willing to do. We ate a lot of Top Ramen. I know many parents who fell into this trap of paying someone else to care for their children because they had to work or because they wanted to have a career and more besides being a parent.

Look what this has gotten us, I see teens and young adults who would rather stand around and watch others work, with no feeling of responsibility or even guilt that they don't do their part. When told they need to accomplish a task they feel is beneath them, they would rather quit a perfectly good job than apply themselves. I am happy to say both of my children know what hard work is and when it needs to be done they get int here and do it!

We have all been ranting about how this new "change" is screwing everything up, but when it comes down to it, we've been allowing the gradual "change" to slide right by us while we were busy trying to get by. I can see a horrible world of young people who would rather give up all their freedoms and allow people to take care of them, than do the hard work it takes to make a life with the honor and integrity that Glenn so passionately talks about.

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Please feel free to use the image I've made to email your State Representative. Just right click it and choose copy then in your email right click and choose paste......wa la!
Be sure to share it with all your friends
Get the image here: http://www.alaskanartistnicoletaylor.com/Tea_Part...

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Here is a link a virtual teabag image you can copy and paste into your emails !! right click it and copy and paste into your email to your Representative
Here is a link to the image, http://alaskanartistnicoletaylor.com/commissions....