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OK. Boeing and the military cobbled together a test flight and "declared" success. But will they deliver the 18 planes by August 2017?

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I hear a lot of bitching but no solutions. Here's a few. You've got to vote. You've got to become politically active and you need to be aggressive with your Representatives. Contact you representative and let him know how you feel on the issues. Do you even know how your representatives vote? I do.

When your representative, if he has the courage, has an open event, confront him and ask him to explain his votes and if he didn't vote for your issue then get in his face and demand that he get on board. Politicians don't like public exposure and being pinned down.

Contact your local media outlets and let them know how you feel. Ask them to support some actual interviews of concerned citizens and what the real issues are. Most will do it.

You can't be complacent in this world anymore. There are to many leaches in this Country and they need to be exposed for who they are. The parasites in a host don't think of eventually killing the host, they just compete to see if they can get the last bite. Just remember that!

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Something I haven't seen much of on this blog is, "What are you going to do about these proposed changes?" Are you just going to sit idly by and let this Government run roughshod over you?

You need to fight for these benefits you have earned and will earn. That means contacting ALL of your elected representatives and telling them clearly what you think of these proposed changes and what it will mean to their reelection chances if they vote for these massive cuts. You need to get in their faces. You need to confront them in townhall mettings (if they are courageous to show up at one). You need to contact the media -- that means print, TV, radio.

Don't worry about the stupid comments that MGen Pace made about contacting your representatives being a traitorous action -- he is entirely off base and frankly, stupid and not worthy of the uniform he is wearing. You have a right to criticize proposed policies that affect you.

Become politically active. There is strength in numbers (Active Duty, Reservists, Retirees, Dependents). That's a huge voter base. Fight for what you have earned. Just don't sit back and let it happen. Fight!
Ben Wallace, SMSgt Retired, USAF 1970-1993

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Hey Maj. Gen Post. FU! Your spokeshole tried to roll back your comments when she said, "...role as individual military members is not to engage in public debate or advocacy for policy.” That's more crap also. It IS everyone's responsibility to engage in public debate. That the jobs of citizens and voters. It's all more important that military members start speaking up and debating the gutting of the military and the extreme onslaught and erosion of OUR pay and benefits. You to even suggest that we become like robots and stay quiet on the issues shows what you're made of. It's time for you to go pal. You don't deserve to be in USAF.
SMSgt, USAF, Retired

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Your question is a red herring. It's all about defining the specifications up front before you go out for bids. Program Managers and the customers are trying to define the specifications, most often times, many, many years ahead of time. Adversaries change, geo-political conditions change. Military capabilities of our foes change. The USA political leadership changes. At the same time, there's a give-and-take on cost vs. capability. You can't have a do all, be all weapons system. Can you spec out TODAY a top notch personal automobile that I can and other people will buy in 2024? Of course you can't.

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Are the military Program Management Office members and politicians willing to bet their pensions that the new bomber will cost less than $550 Million a piece to include amortization of R&D?

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Why should the "customer" have to jump through hoops to use a benefit? It's up to DECA to fix this problem and fix it NOW!!!!! This is just another example of impudence. DECA works for its customers -- it's not the other around. DECA -- ARE YOU LISTENING. FIX IT!!!!! FIX IT NOW!!!!!

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Social Security recipients will receive a 1.7% raise.

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As a reminder, Social Security recipients will receive a 1.7% raise.

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I agree. EVERYONE should boycott Obama. Let NO ONE take this job. Obama wants to run the country, let him run it by himself. He's evil. He is no longer relevant.