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"But we are struck by the absence of noisy, organised protest to date from consumers and business."

That's probably because everyone knew Theresa May had plucked figures out of the air and it was unlikely to happen. Johnson, being the biggest liar ever to inhabit 10 Downing Street, is also obviously making things up, probably just to shut Carrie's gang up.

This is all about Johnson buying himself a few more months pretending to be a Prime Minister. The targets are impossible or even undesirable and, in any case, the money will not benefit left behind areas, it will be wasted on more bureaucrats and regulators, vastly expensive consultancies or simply stolen by companies with links to Johnson's mates. Anyone who thinks that the government which has 'led' the pandemic response is capable of creating a coherent policy on the environment is in serious need of psychiatric help

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It's fascinating to watch the way inconvenient facts are forgotten. Chris Whitty testified to the parliamentary health committee that the outbreak was on the way down before lockdown happened. Yet no-one seems interested in asking him why he thinks another lockdown will improve matters. Another fact for the memory hole, I guess

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Yes, but it would require the government to admit they had got things wrong. British governments and the British state never admit making an error until years afterwards, if then. I am pretty convinced that we will be the last state in Europe, possibly the world, to return to some sort of normality.

This is starting to resemble strategy in WW1, blind, guaranteed to fail, disastrous on every level. Then it was hang on until the Americans come and save us, now it's a vaccine. But there is absolutely no guarantee a vaccine is coming. I reached the stage of wanting to hear military music on the radio in the morning and see soldiers in the street

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Your friends would still be ripping off the taxpayer. I've sat through this sort of nonsense at work and can quite believe the research that suggests it's counter productive. And before I get the 'You must be a racist' Pavlovian reaction my family is racially mixed

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Must be wonderful to think you're so educated and tolerant. Especially when your comments expose the worse kind of progressive bigotry, it's a shame you're unable to see it. If there was ever a case for unconscious bias training, it's you. The biggest joke is the idea that three years of university promotes enlightened thinking, I teach at one and I can assure you it doesn't

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Just British men? Your bias is showing

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'The young have screwed that' Utter nonsense. Considering what we've forced them into, the young have been incredibly forebearing. They're more at risk from meningitis than from Covid. God alone knows what sort of mental health toll we're inflicting. Anyone who's taught a university knows that the start of the second term for first years is a peak time for depression and suicide risks - what it will be like this year, I dread to think.

The young should be released from restrictions, the vulnerable should shield - or not - depending on their own inclinations. We can not go on asking the young to sacrifice their futures, it's is the worst form of selfishness

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They won't. They'll carry on surrendering. Grant Shapps was to cowardly to even say he'd have a drink with Tony Abbot and the cowardice and appeasement comes right from the top

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Seek help

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That comment was downright weird. Since when did anyone argue that punching someone in the head has anything to do with free speech? It's the left that find excuses for that sort of behaviour, not the right

As for the young Thai woman, that's even more bizarre. Seven unwoke, Express reading, Brexit supporting teenagers? Teenagers don't read newspapers and they especially don't read the Express. I doubt whether you could find seven Express reading teenagers in the whole of South East England, let alone Maidstone. What on earth are you smoking?