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And you are a complete idiot.

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There was one earlier that was completely inappropriate. Thankfully, I now see the moderator has removed the offensive post.

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F*** off MrOlav. Are you really as stupid as you come across?

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Olav, what is your IQ anyway? Somewhere around room temperature?

Do you like being stupid or do you not realize how stupid you are?

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Olav, you are probably the biggest idiot in eastern Iowa. I would really love it if you suffered a non-fatal stroke or heart attack, perhaps a traumatic amputation or early-onset Alzheimer disease; something that could affect your well being to the point of completely altering your life, but you'd have to live with it for the next few decades.

Then maybe, just maybe, you would learn what Karma truly means.

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It's entertainment news, and obviously newsworthy enough for you to take the time to post a message about it.

So, who needs to get a life?

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You're an idiot Olav. Is that tiring for you, or are you completely oblivious to your mental limitations?

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Obviously, you aren't very bright. Otherwise, you would have come up with another way of responding by now.
I suppose I should just give you a break since you appear to be lacking more than a few IQ points.

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Mr.Olav or the guy who killed the cat? Both are pukes.

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Those darn liberal judges!