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I am a Health care Practitioner, practicing Prosthetics and Orthotics for 28 plus years. I am so tired of hearing the Barbara Streisand that the Health care costs are caused by the greedy SOB Physicians, Hospitals and Diagnostic centers. The real problem is a leagal problem. However, CONGRESS WILL NOT ACKNOWLEGE OR AGREE WITH THIS PHILOSOPHY. Why you might ask? BECAUSE CONGRESS IS MADE UP OF 90 PLUS % LAWYERS AND WILL NEVER PASS LEGISLATION THAT MAY HURT THEIR FELLOW COLLEAGUES.
We fix the legal problems and the health care costs will slowly come down. Socialized Medicine is not the answer.
It is a cancer that must be stopped. If you think we have an economic problem now, just start screwing with 10% of the GDP that health care represents.

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I am afraid the reason is that most Lawyers are Dems. and far out number any conservitive Attorney's that may be out there.

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This may be a little windy but stay with me as a very important point will be made. As far as the health care system goes, let me give you some first hand information. I am a Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist. . Not to burst any bubbles, but we already have a form of socialized medicine.It is called HMO's. The more they save on tests and procedures, the more the Primary Physician"s bonus is. Specialists such as Surgeons have at least 28 to 33 years of education under their belt. They deserve the fruits of their labor. Far more than an HMO employed Primary Care Physician. Albeit, we still have the best health care system in the world. The problem we have is a Legal problem allowing unwarranted law suits to go unchecked. Tort reform is a must. WHY DOES CONGRES DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS? BECAUSE BETTER THAN 90% OF THEM ARE LAWYERS AND WILL DO NOTHING TO HURT THEIR COLLEAGUES. Until people open their eyes to the real problem, Health care costs will continue to rise. If you think the economy is bad now, start screwing with the 10% of GDP that health care represents. CONTACT YOU CONGRESSMEN AND DEMAND ACTION ON THIS ISSUE NOW BEFORE IT IS WAY TOO LATE.

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Traveller, Do you honestly believe that the comedian Mr. Colbert has all the answers. If you want us to take you seriously, then act serious and get off the Colbert band wagon. Enough is enough. Please give me and the rest of us an honest rebuttal.

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Why is it that your come backs that you want us to watch come from a comedian? Glenn Beck, as much as you may disagree, is a true patriot who is not afraid to show emotions when it comes to his and our country. He has a true passion for the truth. Something new on TV wouldn't you say?

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Food for thought. The New York Time is on the verge of filing chapter 11 due to their own decisions not to give the folks what they want to read. All we ask is to be fair from both sides of the issues. The kicker is, are they too big to fail? If so will they be bailed out by we the tax payers so the Democratic Government will truly have their own fish rap to do and report even stronger left wing ideals? Has anyone else pondered this possibility?

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Traveller, All right all ready. I've been reading responses to your opinion of FOX news and your right. We do need to listen, watch and read other forums to get the big picture of how the other half lives and thinks. Your distain for FOX is quite apparent and that is your GOD given right to do so. However, I doubt you have given FOX their just do. If you have truly given them a fair chance, you will find that they are balanced inn their coverage. Sure there are certain programs on FOX that lean a little more right than you would like.
But, in the grand scheme of things, if you give it a chance, You will find that FOX is more fair than most other outlets such as MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, etc... Just give it two weeks of your undivided attention and you too will find out why FOX News is beating all cable news networks combined in the ratings because they are balanced. We all can't be wrong.

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Hi Glenn,
You are spot on with your comments regarding charitable givings. This is America the land of the FREE AND THE BRAVE. Not the land of the sheep and the weak. We should always have the chioce to give when we want and who we want and how much we want. Even if the Chairman Obama has his way and takes part of my deduction away, I will still give as much. How ever I do not begrudge anyone who backs off on their ammount of contributions. It is OUR CHOICE to do so. Enough for now, I am just getting warmed up.