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At present, I'm still living where I have been, though the location has proven to be less of an issue than I thought. There is a bus line that goes basically directly where I need to go. That's probably because a lot of things around here have been set up to accommodate Microsoft, which is where I'm working. I'm doing support work for a human resources project which is going to last a couple of months. Once it ends, I'll probably be transitioning to a more permanent role. I should be able to afford my own permanent place pretty soon.

How have you been?

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I've been looking for small apartments and one room places, and I even checked out two room rentals in houses yesterday, but one of them was far too expensive for what it was and the other was rather abysmal quality. I do have a bicycle that I got from a friend, but it's really much too far (and across bridges that don't allow bicycles) to get to work from here, not to mention that I don't trust my ability to ride a bike alongside car traffic. I'm still looking for a place to live in the area where I'm working, but it looks like I'm just going to have to hope that that the bus can get me to work in time.

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Mine is #83 on page 5 or you can see it here.

I haven't been posting links to my pieces each day this time around, but I am proud to say that I submitted something approximating a work of art for ever day of the NATG for the last four times the event has come around. I don't consider myself and artist and I just do the Training Grounds for fun, but it feels good to express myself creatively, and this iteration of the event was my first foray into the world of pixel art, which I've wanted to try for years now.

Thank you Phoe, Calpain and everypony else involved with this event.

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My code is 6ccb. I had given up on the original, microtransaction-riddled version of the game months ago after playing it since launch. I never spent any money on it, and I'm glad there's a version that does away with (or at least drastically reduces) that destructive business model.

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The new job is going to be a somewhat similar thing at a bigger company. I've been waking up at five AM and taking the very first bus in the morning and it's been getting me to my current temp job (which was extended by a week) just in time. The new job (which I still don't have 100% confirmation on, yet) starts at the exact same time a few miles further away, so I don't think the bus is going to be able to get me to the new job on time. I've been looking for apartments closer to where I'm going to be working to cut down on the ridiculous commute, but I don't really have the money for a halfway decent one yet.

Everfree has been the only thing keeping me going for the last few years. It inspired me to leave my comfort zone in a major way for the first time ever when I flew cross country by myself in 2012. It allowed me to make a group of friends in the Royal Guard when the idea of having a "group of friends" was completely alien to me. It showed me that I'm more capable, physically, mentally, and socially, than I thought. It made me want to be closer to the place and people that did so much for me and encouraged my move here. In short, Everfree changed me in a positive way. It pulled me out of a very low point in my life and gave me hope.

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I'm doing EqD's Newbie Artist Training Grounds again, and here's my first entry.

EDIT: clicky link.

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Thanks for the well wishes. I've been working at the office job since last week and it should go on for about another week. It's going pretty well, but the commute takes nearly two hours by bus to go one way. After I started, I got a call about another, longer term job and went for an interview that went pretty well. I won't go into detail about that until it's a sure thing, though, but it's looking good. Sorry to hear that you couldn't make it to BronyCon, but I'm glad you enjoyed Trotcon. It would be cool to have you at Everfree next year, if you can make it.

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It's good to see you again! Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a video tour this year, since I was in a position of higher authority and didn't have the time and energy (and physical endurance) to spare.

That quotation really fits my situation well. I basically picked up my entire life on the East Coast and took a one way plane trip out here in the hopes of starting a new life. Has it gone the way I expected? Of course not. Have there been times I thought about giving up and going back to my old, pathetic existence in a place with nothing for me, just because it was "easier?" Definitely. Do I regret leaving? Not a chance. Will I find success here? I'll make sure of it. Can I have my dreams? You'd better believe it.

Hope is a precious resource. I've spent most of my life, including the last two months, with a severe deficit. Now that there's a chance, a possibility that things could get better, I'm jumping on it.

Now, I will leave you for now with a song reflecting my current mindset.

I Want It All


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Things have been going a bit better since my last post. I went to an employment agency and the person there helped me improve my resume and I've been getting a lot of calls from people about jobs. I got back from a temp job a few hours ago, but it was too physically intensive for me and my messed up legs. On the way back from that job, I got a call from a different agency about an office job, so hopefully that works out. I did make it to Everfree this year and worked for the Royal Guard again, which was fun.

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Hi again, everyone. I apologize for my abrupt disappearance. I am typing this on a laptop from 2005 that I got from a friend, while sitting on the couch of another friend in Seattle, Washington. I moved here just before Everfree Northwest 2015, and I've been sleeping on this couch while looking for a job so I can support myself and get my own place. Suffice it to say, the job hunt has not been going well. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's been difficult, and continuous rejection has taken its toll. Still, there's more for me here than anywhere else on Earth, so I'll keep at it and hope my fortunes change. I'll check in here more frequently, and I hope to see everyone again.