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"10. The idea of the Elements of Harmony being predestined (Twilight's cutie mark on the Yggdrasil and Element itself) is quite bothersome. Destiny doesn't choose you. You choose your destiny. It was a major criticism I had with Magical Mystery Cure, and it's the same here."

Remember, Twilight isn't the only pony whose cutie mark features a six-pointed pink star. There are others, including but not limited to her brother. I suspect it was less a matter of being predestined, and more a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right mindset about how to invoke the Elements.

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Don't overlook Rarity's line: "We already have an appointment on the books to discuss the royal upgrades to your loft decor!"

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Ah, the "friend's relative who works on the show". No offense, but in my long experience, over 95% of information from that source turns out to be worthless.

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"…'Peace on Earth' was all it said."

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Remember that it takes almost one full year for an episode to go from concept to air. They would have started on this not long after they got word that the show had been renewed for a *half-length* third season. They hoped that it would get renewed again, but they knew that it might not, so they wrote an episode that could serve as a worthy series finale or as a transition to a fourth season.

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2. That can't be Screw Loose; we saw her in Ponyville after the train left. It must be her identical twin sister instead.

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I'm not kidding. Here it is, straight from the OED:

buck (v.)(2) To copulate with ; said of male rabbits and some other animals.

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That's almost certainly because a six-letter substring that appears in both of those words is the name of a commonly-spammed drug.