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"And come to think of it; "Nano" thermite in the dust had to come from the caves of Afghanistan.” Lol!!!. I hope that was a joke.

Nano thermite is simply finely ground aluminium mixed with a metal oxide such as iron oxide (rust) and a method for ignition. All of those were available immediately after the planes hit the towers on 911.
The real issue was not that there was nano thermite but that there was so little, a few fingernail size fragments considering the aluminium in the cladding and planes, the rusted steel in the structures where the fire proofing had come off and the fuel.

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Certainly he upholds the official narrative regarding why the Russians went to Afghanistan by completely ignoring the Mujahideen and CIA. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/56738.ht... http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/56741.ht...

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So sorry to see a writer whom I have long respected, still repeating 911 theories that have long been debunked.

But he is correct in claiming that once it happened, Washington used it to institute the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Department for the purpose of surveillance and control of America, just as J. Edgar Hoover did with the FBI in 1908 and Franklin D. Roosevelt did with the The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1938. https://www.history.com/topics/cold-war/huacand

Many countries copied them.

Towards the end of his essay above, Thierry Meyssan states something well worth examining.

"Their aim will be to destroy local state structures so that natural wealth can be exploited without having to endure political control; as Colonel Ralph Peters summed it up: "Stability is America’s enemy” "

Marx warned that Capitalism was inherently unstable with boom and bust, depressions and recessions caused by the capitalist ideology of exploitation of workers (their main market) and finite resources. Meyssan shows that it is deliberate.

Most of the Middle Eastern market has been destroyed. Some of the world’s most valuable resources are unobtainable even by US corporations. Workers even in America are impoverished. So it is not about exploiting resources. It is about preventing others doing so. It is not about bringing freedom and democracy, not even to its own people. That was always a lie. It is about control. And the Military Industrial Complex continues to prosper.

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Libya wasn’t a failed or a rogue state. It was the most successful and rich state in the whole of Africa and much of the Middle East.
Its people were privileged with equality for both men and women, and the highest level of education, health care, home ownership, marriage grants, oil dividends (yes everyone in the nation received one) and more. The great river irrigation project was greening the desert and providing new jobs and training. Planned were huge solar farms in the Sahara, gas and electricity lines to Europe.

The reason it was destroyed was because it planned to introduce the gold backed dinar into pan African and Arab unions in competition with the dollar.

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This article is one to bookmark and use to disabuse all those who think that America’s wars are a moral imperative..

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Thank you Maccabees. You have it in a nutshell.

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Errr.... why is Finian's bio at the bottom of this right-to-the-point article by Caitlin.

As usual she expresses exactly what I am thinking, although she writes more clearly than I do, and I would add considerably more expletives. I usually edit them out so that I don’t get kicked off.

So keep up the good work Caitlin, there are more of us behind you than the bastards realise.

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It was not deliberately false evidence and I appreciate the amount of work involved in making the video, but that shouldn’t prevent a critique on the videos conclusions which include the same libertarian values as the British Academy of Ideas.

Fear driven sociopathy adequately describes the right wing attitudes expressed by Trump supporters, the war hawks in congress and cabinet, and all sorts of ideologues, anti vaxxers and anti-socialised health care warriors that fight against their own and the community’s best interests.

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One truth the video obscures is that totalitarianism only applies to Communist and fascist countries when the country that most controls the minds of its people and to which the video most applies is America.

America has made a science and an art of mind control.