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One of the ways America controls its people is to engage them constantly in looking up their own arses like Ouroboros rather than looking around at the systemic stygian reality that is America.

This is the other side of the lucrative propaganda coin, distraction.

Porn, social media, pop psychology, religion, meditation and spirituality are the new controlling mechanism of the new Empire, circuses without the bread.

Everyone thinks that they control their own lives and minds, tell their own stories, that they are free. They don’t even know what freedom is if they don’t have freedom to eat, to sleep under their own roof, have free education and health care and above all the time to think about freedom. Time that now is wasted by those lucrative distractions above

Once, in the past, expositions of reality were found in Art. Art that revealed the poverty of life and ideas of diverse empires. Art that initiated change, forged rebellions and created hope. In response, fearful America invented the perfect art form for a capitalist empire, Abstract Expressionism... nihilism made concrete and monetised.

Distraction, abstraction and now e-straction. Isn’t it time to break through the Blade Runner ceiling.

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This article is one to keep, to share, to use to counter arguments that police kill in self defence, that guns save lives, that BLM advocates are all black and criminals, that the death penalty stops crime and that justice and the rule of law in America is something that other countries should aspire to.

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Well said Greg. I feel like heading up the Thargomindah track looking for Mad Max.

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Appalling news Amnesty. It shows a complete lack of care for the aged.

I suspect that the rollout of the vaccines has made authorities complacent. I also suspect they are going to be wrong.

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He’s not "sex negative". He’s against the exploitation of sex and of the idiots who pay to watch porn and think it is better than real sex.

It’s Bread and Circuses again, without the bread. And the circus is a lonely self flagellation in front of a screen.

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So Historicvs, is your fantasy to love, care and cherish women as they do you. Is it to rescue them, encourage their education and endeavours, stand beside them in unity and share exquisite love making.

Love making where pleasure is more important than dominance. Where communication and discovering and caressing and knowing erogenous zones induces shared passion rather than needing to be shown how on a screen.

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Yes the US wants to keep NATO but at the same time it wants to destroy the European Union and the Euro.

Does the world need another Ukraine, Kosovo, Croatia, and eventually warring fascist states across Europe?

The US doesn’t care. It profits from chaos and death.

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No. Morrison is kicking out Chinese investors even though China was way down our investment list accounting for only 2% of foreign investment.

China however, is not just our biggest resources customer but also our biggest student and Tourism customer.

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Right now the US is attempting to buy off the WHO with the measly $200 million dollars it owes.

For that I expect it wants to dominate the report from the International team investigating the virus in China. And stop any investigation of when the virus appeared in America and how it was handled.

In contrast, as a non-member of the ICC, International Criminal Court, it has put sanctions on ICC officials, literally an attempt to twist the court’s arm.

Expect fireworks and more attacks on the ICC now that it has declared it has the right to investigate Israeli crimes against humanity against Palestinians.

Of course it could ratify the ICC and become a member but then it’s leaders would be subject to thousands of charges of crimes against humanity.

Yes America seeks world domination, and yes it lets no mean little opportunity to dig the knife in remain unused.

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Well I’d rather take Vitamin D than the advertised snake oil that somehow slithered into ICH.

Whether you drink it or blow it up your nose, it is the worst kind of bunkum. It’s just tap water.

Note: you can overdose on Vitamin D.