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I can't find anyone online! Doesn't help its hard getting in servers... Names Fjarri....

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Well, I'd say that was one of the best episodes this season.

I'll also say that that rumor of Weird Al has come to fruition!

And Breezies are most likely Flutterpones or tiny fairy pones (or Chubbies maybe since they come from flowers :D)

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That was awesome. Not sure what to draw now though... hmmm

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A creative umbrella essentially, I asked Seth about it, it sorta will never happen... only Hasbro will instigate such action, and if it does, I'd expect heavy restrictions to be involved.

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Im not even sure Hasbro has a trademark on ANY of those ponies I saw, especially Derpy and Octavia.

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Thing is, if he just specified what the 3d printer could do and showed examples of things he had done, instead of having them lined up to buy, he would have been just like the other dozens of 3d printer peoples and Hasbro wouldn't have batted an eye unless he was getting major capitol.

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Well, there is another option, but it would be nigh suicide on Hasbro's part if they *cough set up a creative umbrella organization *cough cough* oh sorry, had too much hope in my system there for a moment.

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Question(s): Did Hasbro make those 3D models? Did Hasbro copyright all of those characters? Can you classify a 3D character the same a 2D character? Does Hasbro own the pony form, not just the names and characters?

I personally don't see any real assault on the IP if Hasbro 1)didn't make those 3D files 2)TM or copyright those specific characters, and of course the overall case that they do not own the pony form sort of can undercut anything they say about their ip.

Also, here is a nice bit of info, I can send out a 3D image to dozens of companies that can print it out for me. If I requested it's creation and they make it, ARE THEY infringing on the ip if they are just automatically accepting an order? Would anyone care more to the point? Not really.

Anyways, going by Hashbro... that is so asking for it.

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Nice spoiler, haven't read all of the comics.

Also, no idea.

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I shall make great use of this.

That foreshortening video by the way can also show a new way to draw that is actually kind of intuitive. I've been working with it, it is potent, but will take practice.