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Eh... I like that we actually get a Big Mac episode, but I felt the whole way through that it was trying to make me cringe. Which is cringeworthy.

I give the final scene a ten outta ten, but I don't feel like the episode at large was pulled off particularly well, or at least enjoyably. Shrug.

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Sounds promising. Color me intrigued.

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I'm not fond of that idea either, but as I recall, season 3 or 3 said that it had been only a year between then and the start of the show. So I think it's fair enough for people to think that.

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Eh... I usually like Scorcher's stuff, but I couldn't last through much of this one. After several minutes of hammy script and delivery (and flat delivery on the other guy's part), and not feeling that anything valuable was said in that time, I gave up.

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Of the ones that aren't Moondancer, I'd have to say Twinkleshine, even though she hardly did anything at all. She's an important character in something I should write more of, so I'm pretty biased. Lol.

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I didn't look at her that way, but yes, I can certainly identify with her. More or less. I'm a very introverted sort who effectively never gets out at present, very much immersed in my personal interests, and it certainly makes it more difficult to make new friends.

But I certainly don't reject others like Moondancer, or anything. I have and want friends. Don't have many close ones, but still.

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I'd ship it.

Or maybe I will, rather. Hopefully someone makes a decent fic...

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All that means is that one has suffered (minor) spoilers. That may weaken your excitement, but the quality of the season is unchanged.

Not to mention that one has full warning from the title of the post. If you read the list and feel your enthusiasm dampered, well... You could have avoided it.

But you haven't actually said you've done that, so it's a moot point. But it remains that your argument makes little sense.

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How does whether one person decides to leak information lessen the value of the product in question? Spoilers do take away from the anticipation, but for one thing, none of these titles tell me anything of note besides that there's going to be another Discord episode, and that the finale definitely involves Starlight Glimmer (which was as good as a given, anyway).

And even if any of these titles were actually spoilery, it'd be beside the point. The quality of a product isn't determined by the decisions of a rogue element.

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Octavia, yo.

But I could use a Rainbow Dash figure to add some color to my current collection. I do like her, and if I'm ever going to have a statue of her, might as well be one of these chibis.