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I suggest a ghostwriter and a Catholic priest, because what you're suggesting is the exorcism of the Koran's entire spirit. Then, you'll need a mathematician, because only they know how to sell a zero.

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Pardon my crude and perhaps offensive analogy:

Attending Durban is like having sex with a prostitute. In both cases, you'd hope to wear some sort of condom before the event. One mental, the other latex. Even better, in both situations it's a prudent choice to pull out before you come. But a far superior act of wisdom is to simply be nowhere near the whore to begin with.

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"Of course we can't expect Dolly Bluster, Abdullard and yemenitroll ti come anywhere near this thread, can we? "

Sure we can. They'll come. Someone has to down-ding all the comments.

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Unless you're a gay pedophile, then you bypass longterm imprisonment (as we rightfully do in the West) and get your head sawed off.

You'd think Roget's Thesaurus would have a picture of the star and crescent (Islamic hammer and sickle) right next to both bloodthirsty and hypocrisy. I would.

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Let me ask a simple question: how do you define 'moderate' within the context of any Islamic demographic or nation? See, when I think of moderate, and I think of Islam, and I try to drag those two together, I encounter the mental equivalent of joining the north poles of two bar magnets.

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a "beautiful pattern of conduct,"

Only Islam views rape, decapitation, stoning and slavery as 'beautiful'.

Anyway, tiny improvement, but I have a very, very difficult time with the idea of grown men marrying and 'consummating' with children. Islam views prepubescent marriage and sex not as an abomination, as the destruction of a child's future and innocence, not as a crime, yet two men kissing deserve a beheading? A married woman that consorts with a man is condemned to death?

Now, where's Dolly Buster and Mikhail to tell me women aren't treated worse than mere property to be exploited, devalued and tossed away if they venture outside their narrow role?

Totally pisses me off Islam condones the rape and essentially lifetime imprisonment of women from nearly birth. Rape is an institutional method used in Islam for total 'submission', and it needs to end. But then, I'm only stating the obvious.

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"Just because the Islamists hunt down and kill Queerists is no reason to ignore the Queerist as OUR enemy also. "

The "Queerist"? WTF are you talking about? You think Islam and the West have a common enemy in the 'queerist'? I have NOTHING in common with Islam.

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I think I carelessly worded my reply above.

I wasn't implying that either Jews or Christians once treated women as horribly as Islam. I'm taking the argument, as silly as it is, at face value and saying: Islam can't justify what it does to women with the (false) argument that Jews and Christians once did the same. It's illogical, it's wrong ang it's stupid. Just like Islam.

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Oh, ok, so it's Wilder's fault because Europe is in bed with the Middle East. for oil, for cheap labor? It's a sad day when Europe is willing to commit suicide by Islam, just to buy some cheap oil and 'goods' from the Middle East and other Islamic areas. Sad day indeed.

And because Wilders is left with few options, because of the poor attitudes of his countrymen, it's HIS fault? He's merely saying that Islam is a problem, and is trying to save European culture. Seems like you're saying it's all Wilders fault, and not the fault of boneheads running the EU or the even the Islamists.

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You're comparing the way women were once treated by Jews and Christians to the way women are treated by Muslims TODAY . You seem to argue that it's ok that women are treated like scum in Islamic societies because Jews and Christians once had similar attitudes.

In logic, we call this tu quoque: Latin term used to mean a type of logical fallacy. The argument states that a certain position is false or wrong and/or should be disregarded because its proponent fails to act consistently in accordance with that position; it attempts to show that a criticism or objection applies equally to the person making it. It is considered an ad hominem argument, since it focuses on the party itself, rather than its positions.