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Gah, trying to copy the data out of the pdf is giving me no end to formatting errors (yay random newlines in the middle of numbers). Sadly can't find the raw data posted elsewhere on his DA page, so guess I'm going to have to fix the errors the hard way...

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Alright, storytime.

Way back around the beginning of season two, I was completely new to this whole 'pony' thing and slowly admitting to myself that I was indeed seeking out MLP websites by my own free will. I'd only just finished marathoning season one, and had to ask the friend who introduced me if there were any good sites to check. One of his suggestions was EqD, and it seemed like it might have some interesting posts, so I bookmarked it.

About a week later, I happened to hit the page and was greeted by a grinning Lyra and a message promising a "fun day". Unsure what to expect, I made a note to check back later, not knowing that this would be the day that Phoe took over the blog:

Without my realizing it, or really caring when I did, that "check back later" turned into "check every twenty minutes" (I was new, I didn't realize there was a posting schedule yet) as I couldn't wait to see what silliness each new post would bring. I still can't adequately describe why I got suckered into the whole pony craze, but it was really this day of shenanigans that allowed me to realize that the fandom itself could be a lot of silly, creative fun, not just the show.

Of course, all things come to an end eventually, and EqD was business as usual by the next day. Ever since then, there's only been a few instances in which I don't check EqD for updates at least a couple of times, and those were mostly because I didn't have internet. I was a little sad as Phoe posted less and less as time went on, but that makes the craziness when her posts do show up all the more special. That's not to say there isn't other blog silliness going on, but every author has their own distinct flavor and is never quite the same. Also, usually there's not enough Lyra.

I guess what I'm trying to say is - thank you Phoe. Even if you show up on the front page once in a blue moon, that's all the more reason for me to keep remembering that, even though the fandom can have its low points, there's still all the fun parts that drew me to it in the first place.

(Also, I would totally support you if you decide to take over the blog again.)

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Enter text right here!

(In all seriousness, it's an ongoing joke about placeholder text being left in, much like any other posting derp - although my personal favorite is when someone forgets about the page break on Drawfriends.)

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#19 - Lyra doesn't seem to be all the concerned about that ice skate being right next to her neck...

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"When she wants to be"? I think you mean all day, every day

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Don't worry so much, I'm only 1.3k words in - and am totally not discouraged yet!

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Gah, how is it that every open weekend they have I'm traveling? That's three or four times in a row now...

Ah well, hope y'all have fun

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Hm, anyone know what the deadline for signing up for this is? Yea yea, I know it's non-binding at this point, but being squarely in the "I'll think about it" camp some inkling of a time-frame would be useful.

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I guess that's one of the benefits of being a storyboard artist for the show - you can work your OC in