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Quote: "...I heard another explosion and another smoke, and I thought, 'oh my.'" End Quote

I would have said the same thing, only I would have used a LOT more words!

Tragic event! My thoughts are with the competitors, family, watchers, race officials and medical people.

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I noticed that also. In his 'native land', women are frequently treated this way. However, when he came to the US, he believed things would not change. Unfortunately, this is not the only culture where women are treated like trash.

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Quote: "A sprawling solar farm planned for Indianapolis is facing opposition for nearby residents who say its solar arrays will create irritating glints of reflected sunlight." /Quote

Awwww, poor babies! The sunlight will be reflected. How irritating!

Why yes, we want cheaper energy of course! Just don't build it in our back yard...

If a coal-fired plant was going in, they'd complain. If an oil-fired plant was going in, they'd complain. If a nuclear-powered was going in, they'd complain.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

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"Okay everybody. One. Two. Three: aaawwwwwwwwwwww!"

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It used to be, people in the Midwest seemed to forget how to drive on snow from one winter to the next.

Now days, they are forgetting how to drive from one snow storm to the next.

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That's something I've never heard of before: An attorney doing something illegal.

Wait... What... Please disregard my previous statement.

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D*mn dyslexia... I thought the headline read, "Semi Revolver on I-70".

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So, he was running a cathouse...

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Not to worry, kind Sir. Your Knational Knife Association (KKA) guarantees your right to own, keep and bear any Knife you wish. Please donate what you can to help this fine organization continue standing up for your Knife rights!

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There wasn't anything 'scary' about peaceful marches for the Media (CNN, etc) to sensationalize!