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Well, yes and no. I heard she had a strapadickomy so its anyone's guess.

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Guess she has realized it is better to jump than be pushed.

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Are you serious??!! I am the one using correct grammar and capitalization and you call me uneducated??!!

Actually, I graduated from college with honors- 3.57 GPA. Cum laude. I was inducted into 4 Honor Societies. I studied in Greece and Italy and am almost fluent in Italian. I DID graduate from high school- no GED.

The reason I made a comment about the estrogen patch is that he is ultra feminine. IMHO.

But let's look at you. You do not know me but are making erroneous assumptions about me. I think YOU are the one projecting- and yes, I did take several psychology courses, so I am thinking YOU are the uneducated one. No worries, I am sure your welfare check more than makes up for being ignorant, right?

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Can someone please remove that guy's estrogen patch?

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Hey Tarheels,

once we get rid of all of the liberal Democrat NAMBLA members, then you can tell us what to do about other groups.

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Let me get this straight...

you have Mika- who is the mouthpiece for the once formerly respected White House.

You have the mannish Maddow.

Those are the only 2 I know of but, the freak in that chick and chick with a dick is exponentially greater than all of people who attended Glen Beck's gathering last month combined.

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If they don't repent, excommunicate them.

Pelosi should be first to go.

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Come on people. Why would anyone take anything that happens on this comedy hour seriously?

Whoopee is the one who referred to the rape and sodomy of Pulanski's 14 year old victim as, "well it wasn't 'rape-rape'".

And Joy- such a large, obnoxious vulgar, shrieking bitter ball of angry menopause

Poor Elizabeth, she is just a token put there to appeal to people with values.

Babs- this show could have been a jewel in your crown but it is nothing more than a soapbox for screaming liberals whose sole purpose is to pin guests down and scream their agenda without the opportunity for them to respond without a tantrum from these um,...ladies.

Instead of going out with a blaze of glory, you are going out with a wet fart.

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It was completely disrespectful.

And, yes, I do want to see how this person treats others - how he treats his peers is a good indication of how he will behave toward his constituents.

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Hey, Ed!!

You forgot to look at the backs of the signs that say, Lean forward.

The back of one says, Grab ankles.

And I saw another that said, Bite pillow.