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Ooh, yes, I agree to specifying when you're rot13ing (totally a word now, cheers) Angel and comics spoilers! I'm several issues behind on the comics and wander the internet in perpetual state of anxiety that I'll be spoiled.

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Really? I mean, my feelings on the whole situation are still unclear, but I wouldn't say Rose didn't care. I think she is worried, and will be sad, and feel guilt, and take time to have with Handy what she nearly had with Ten. Ten skipped off while she was kissing Handy (which was, I will concede, not all that sensitive to do in front of Ten) so her emotions at that point weren't made clear to him. I dunno, she seemed very uneasy with it prior to the kiss and then Ten was gone by the time the kiss was done. I think it is a little harsh to say she's fine because she got what she wanted. In fact, it might be going far to even say she got what she wanted. She didn't want Ten to leave at all; he just sort of did.

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I love this episode ridiculous amounts. It was one of the first I ever saw (my memory tells me I saw it just before the Library episodes, but logic of the order they aired in tells me otherwise) and I adore it. Jethro is also my favourite side character (and I saw this before I saw Merlin, so my love was uninfluenced). I agree, this is some of DT's best acting as the Doctor, if not his BEST acting as the Doctor, period. He just looks so terrified. I don't know how any of the other passengers could look at his face, could hear him speak, and not realize he is still in there and terrified. That's another point on his acting! The delivery of his lines once he is the one repeating is amazing. He actually sounds like he is trying, so hard, to not speak, to not repeat. It's amazing. He's brilliant. And the actress playing Sky! Lesley Sharp! I don't even know what to say about her but *jawdrop*. She was also brilliant.

In conclusion: Emo Colin Morgan. 8D
(His "Midnight" video diary: )

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Omigod, yes, I had the EXACT SAME THOUGHT. I listened to this song on repeat after I watched this arc.

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I am so not a fan of romances myself, yet Pushing Daisies is one of my favourite shows ever. There may be hope yet! It just has so much going for it. It is visually stunning, quirky, adorable, and just makes me so ridiculously happy when I watch it and long after.

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The first time I watched Blink (which was only a couple of weeks ago, since I am massively behind - I started watching in season four and then had to go back to NSS1) my housemates and I, two out of three being Who fans, prepared massively for it. We waited until it was dark (which is pretty early this time of year where I live), turned off all the lights, grabbed quilts and pillows, and prepared to be terrified. And terrified we were. I had terrifying dreams. I woke up certain there were Weeping Angels in my room. And it was all awesome. I love this episode.

One of my housemates (who is a recent Doctor Who fan, finishing the first three seasons in a week, that got sucked in when I put on an episode in our living room) and I were at the nearest comic book store, mostly to check out the new location but also because I needed a dice set. Anyways, we got distracted by the Doctor Who figurines. One was a Weeping Angel. Which he bought. It is currently sitting on our TV. 0.o

It's become a game, since its purchase, to see who can move it while the other isn't looking. This escalated when he put it on my bedside table. I was innocently getting ready for bed, didn't notice it for several minutes, and then jumped about a foot into the air and nearly screamed. I had the urge to barge into his room and throw it at his head, but instead I went to our kitchen and hid it in the cupboard for him to find the next morning. I then slowly backed my way out of the kitchen, through the living room, through the hall, and to my room, each light I turned off on the way only adding to my paranoia.

The next morning he asked if I'd noticed where he'd left the Weeping Angel. I glared, told him I nearly screamed and thought about throwing it at his head.
"Is it still in your room?"
He looked at its usual spot on the TV. It wasn't there. His eyes slowly widened as he realized what that meant.
"You hid it somewhere."
I replied only with a satisfied smirk. He proceeded to tentatively search the house with a look of terror on his face until he got to the cupboard. It was awesome.

And now we have a running game of Who Can Leave The Weeping Angel In A More Unexpectedly Terrifying Spot. The end.

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This episode will always, always, always break my heart into so many millions of pieces. And I can't handle old people crying, so Tim's ending was just icing on the cake. TEARS FOREVER FOR EVERYTHING. Love this episode. Brilliant.