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While the pamphlet is indicative of paranoia among the credulous, and probably malign cynicism on the part of the authors, how this is supposed to reflect on the views of Israeli society more generally escapes me. Sure, there probably has been a sea change, with the mood of the public growing darker and more militant, more trusting of the iron fist advocated by the likes of the seemingly bigoted Avigdor Lieberman than the olive branch. The peace camp intellectuals and the Left seem dispirited, while the fundamentalists and hawks bellow...

Yet I doubt that most Israelis are paranoid hawks or intolerant fundamentalists. Mr. Raimondo states that "the overwhelming majority of Israelis...voted for the current ultra-rightist government.." Is this formulation not undermined by the results of the most recent elections, where the more accomodationist Kadima under Tzipi Livni won the most votes of any party?