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As a half-Nigerian I probably should be offended by Burleigh's racism towards and disenfranchisement of Africanised Bees. But I'll leave the grievance mongering to the woke idiots who are more likely to work for the BBC these days, and less likely to be reading ConervativeHome.

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If over the next year or so the Hunter Biden tax evasion investigation magically disappears (to avoid embarrassing or implicating his pops) - that'll be a key litmus test of the new administration's core values.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Joe Biden's presidency is not going to cover himself or America in glory.

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I don't think anybody (on these comments threads at least) supports political violence - but if I had to choose between seeing conservatives targeting protests at political institutions such as the Capitol which is the seat of the politicians that have lead Nations like America into their present sorry state, versus the protests of the Left which were far more chaotic and widespread and destroyed the lives and livelihoods of citizens in poor neighbourhoods Nationwide in America during 2020 - then I would always prefer to see the former.

As the prominent Democrat AOC said during the "peaceful" Leftist uprisings last year: "Protests aren't supposed to make you feel comfortable y'all".

They reap what they sow.

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Whether you believe in various conspiracy theories or not, what feels to be at stake at the moment is freedom of thought and speech, and the freedom to learn to develop critical thinking faculties for ones self. And that is very corrosive to advancing a freedom-loving civilisation.

And occasionally today's conspiracy theories become tomorrows facts (a couple of examples potentially in the pipeline can be read about in the links below). The process of sifting the wheat from the chaff cannot happen without the freedom of thought, and the freedom to express thought. All "truths" exist in a state of Falsifiability (as Karl Popper might have put it), and should be left open to being questioned. I believe with the way the Culture War is now unfolding, Western Civilsation is at a very dangerous juncture.

04/01/21 - Covid Lab Leak Hypothesis:

10/01/21 - Congress UFO Report expected in 2021:


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We are a regular client (with a DHL business account), mainly shipping hardware from a manufacturing centre in Finland to UK, but also dealing with Field Engineers across Eire, managed from UK. Some problems were inevitable in the first few weeks - lets hope they are temporary.

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I always thought a customs union was the best way forward. A colleague tried to send an almost worthless envelope with some keys by DHL to Dublin (not part of any purchase/sale), as he has done many times before. DHL turned up for collection but refused to take it because it did not have the newly required documentation. Theresa May was on the right track with her deal, Boris, perversely aided by the recalcitrant arch Remainers ended in severing our links with the EU too severely.

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The election procedural goal posts in many states were hastily changed in the midst of a national pandemic crisis, in some instances without clear legality (such as in Pennsylvania). It is THIS that quite likely handed the presidency to Biden, rather than widespread voter fraud, and which ultimately has undermined trust in American Democracy.

The democratic rot can not be glossed over, and will not go away unless the weaknesses in the American electoral system are fully identified and remedied. And that must start now before the damage done to faith in democracy is irreversible.

Trump is right to question the legitimacy of the process, and patriotic Americans are right to be angry.

Biden did not win "fair and square".

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Gotta say, I heart Trump more than ever before.

I'm not stating his allegation that he won a landslide victory are accurate, or that voter fraud was sufficient to swing the result in his favour, however the 2020 election stank of poor procedure and hastily changed electoral regulations without thorough oversight in the midst of a national pandemic crisis (in the favour of Democrats). Post election, given Trump did far better than most expected, it is clear that the media coverage of the election was shamefully warped (also labelling violence and destruction by Antifa/BLM as peaceful) , and the polling was so misleading that they amounted to suppression polls, in favour of Biden. The election stinks, and I would be ashamed of patriotic Americans if they did not stand up and protest, and challenge the result and the shoddy system itself. I'd rather see people protest in the Capitol, and other political institutions rather than destroy lives and livelihoods in poor neighbourhoods as the left did all year. Anybody hoping for a "quiet" 4 years where things return to "normal" under Biden are sadly mistaken. Populism lives on.

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There's too much about that election that doesn't pass the sniff test. Hasty procedural change & irregularities, undoubtedly some electoral fraud, heavily warped media coverage & polls in favour of Biden. I'd be disappointed in Americans if many didn't challenge the result/system.