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I have "visited" the BBC (legally) so my complaint is based on experience. And in response to your analogy, if I was considering booking a room at a hotel, and found that prior to proceeding with the transaction, I phoned/emailed the hotel to make the booking, but the customer service was very poor and repellent which resulted in me not proceeding to pay for a room at the hotel, I would be justified in leaving a negative review on trip-advisor. And it would be prudent for the proprietors of the hotel to react to my complaint to improve the quality of customer service.

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We would live in a very odd and restrictive society if I couldn't criticise something, just because there had not been a financial transaction involved prior. I complained, the complaint was logged, so clearly I have the right. They should view my complaint as valuable consumer/market insights to inform their policy and strategy to sustain or even boost revenues.

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For output that I'm not legally obliged to pay for yes - very content indeed. So yes to BBC Radio, and the BBC News website, no to any Live TV on any channel and no to BBC IPlayer output. Once the BBC restores its mission of broadcasting impartial, non-partisan News & Current affairs coverage, I may reward them with a license fee payment. Better still they should change the funding model - as the license fee is in reality a very regressive form of taxation.

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A hit to the BBC's finances is the only way that the message will sink into management that the vast majority of the public expects impartial News & Current Affairs output from them. I logged the following complaint to the BBC prior to the "Defund the BBC" campaign kicked off, so its good to see the movement progressing:

"After the BBC's admirable response to Coronavirus and excellent coverage on the BBC News website and Radio 4 Today programme, I was on the verge of reinstating my BBC TV license, which I had cancelled in 2018, primarily due to the pro-EU and left-wing bias I perceived in its broadcasting post the Brexit referendum. However having seen the video clip of Emily Maitlis self-righteous monologue about Dominic Cummings circulating on Twitter (who's previous histrionic and disrespectful interview of Theresa May on Newsnight in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire in 2017 was a further push factor in my license cancellation), I will not be reinstating the BBC TV license after all as I don't want to fund partisan and polarising output. For its future survival, the BBC should seriously consider whether it is time to #cancelmaitlis"

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Blacks and Whites, Good and Bad - it's all a bit too dualistic for me, a bit too diametrically yin and yang. People need to appreciate that when our representations of History succeed in arriving closest to the ever-elusive truth - the picture is painted in shades of Grey.

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An understanding of history is essential, and the cultural vandalism of the mob over the past few weeks is unacceptable, it should not be tolerated or condoned. People have every right to question who and what we venerate with symbolic artifacts - but that does not mean they can bypass due process.

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The PCCs have lead to the politicisation of the Police Force and in Labour leaning Metropolitan Cities the appointment of weak and woke Chief Constables who no longer seem to have accountability for their poor performance. It's all quite perverse given PCCs were supposed to lead to greater local accountability and more effective policing.

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I've got a lot of time for the ponderings of Theresa May's old team, such as Will Tanner and Nick Timothy, but not when it comes to the subjects of policing or Law & Order - this seems to be their Achilles heel. It was on Theresa May's watch as Home Secretary that police numbers were cut thinking it would have no effect on crime as it was on a downward trajectory, but inevitably the reprobates got wise and we saw the massive upswing in violent crime post 2015. It was also on her team's watch that the Police's ability to use stop and search was curtailed - as it was "unfairly targeting" black youth's, which no doubt also was a driver for the upswing in violent crime. There should be no time for political correctness in policing, and the resources and efforts need to be focused on the demographic groups where the issues are, for their own good, and for the good of society at large. The Police and Crime Commissioners (such as David Jamieson of Labour in the West Midlands) are proving useless, and should be abolished. Once Brexit is out the way on 1st January 2021, Law & Order will become a front and center issue, as the public desire, and weak, woolly and woke leaders in the police force must be swept aside, because our inner cities cannot continue on this current trajectory towards chaos. The question is do Priti Patel and Boris Johnson have the metal to drive forward a reinforcement of Law & Order in the UK? Priti certainly talks the talk. Well if not there are political figures lurking in the fringes who would drive through the changes necessary & enforce the Laws of this land, with popular public support. Their time may yet come.

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It's the blatant hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of BLM and the Woke-Left's arguments that makes them particularly dangerous.