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For the answer to your comment, take a look at Andy Street's twitter feed and comments he has made in the past few days - he has already chosen a side. He is opposed to Birmingham City Council's plan to demolish the Perry Barr flyover. If air pollution is the council's concern, their plan is definitely short-sighted given the push to transition to electric cars, which will not be responsible for emitting any pollution at the location of use (power generation to charge the cars is a different matter, depending on the source of generation). It is just another element of the City Council's war on motorists in Birmingham.

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A good summary - nice article. Tories get out of kilter when they become obsessive about a few of these "beams" in isolation - at the expense of all the others. Society (constituted of individuals, families, communities and businesses) pays the price when a more balanced and holistic ethos is not pursued.

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Very true. With the UK's population on track to hit 70 million in the next 5 years, the Head of the Environment Agency recently stated that population growth in the UK may exceed it's "carrying capacity" within the next 25 years due to population growth (as well a climate change) in terms of water resources available. And the Environment Agency is hardly a bastion of right-wing conservatism! Which makes it all the more incredulous that people like Caroline Lucas and the Green Party are still amongst the strongest flag-wavers for unlimited immigration into the UK from Europe (and the rest of the world if they had their way). The one aspect of population growth we really could get a grip on (and it represents the largest contributor to population growth) is immigration - and there is a strong environmental argument for toughening our immigration policy to reduce numbers. Just another reason I support a pragmatic Brexit - current immigration levels are not sustainable whatever way you look at it.

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Thunberg believes that endless growth without endangering the planet is a fairytale - I assume because she is thinking on the flawed basis that economic growth only comes through an ever-increasing input of world-resources. In which case she clearly has not been taught about endogenous growth - as the author of this article highlights, driven by innovation. Back to school for her for a few Economics lessons methinks.

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Jeez, - if Singh-Sohal was a practicing Muslim waxing lyrical about how his religious upbringing made him the ideal candidate for West Mids PCC to work to restoring law and order to our region - I think half of us in Birmingham would be running for the hills right now. There are plenty of people raised in inner city Birmingham who have had the parenting and presence of mind to know to steer clear of illegal activity and the crowds who partake in it, who have NOT had religious upbringings. I think that is actually a hallmark of a greater strength of character - than those who state they rely on religious teachings and the guiding hand of a dogmatic faith community to instill in them knowledge of what is right and wrong. Given how it has been reported that Sikh Youth UK have disrespectfully treated West Midlands police officers who have attended community events for (recruitment and engagement) in the past couple of years - banging on about Sikhism is not necessarily an asset in the West Mids PCC campaign. It's good to see the Tories putting forward candidates from diverse background - but please lets keep overt proclamations about religion and policing separate - don't make your religious convictions your "USP" in your Tory campaign for West Mids PCC.

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Not a major single city is named in this article that is outside of Southern England, shocking really given the most prominent and qualified Conservative Metro Mayor is in office in Birmingham. Small symbolic omissions like this says it all really about London-based policy-makers wherewithal to understand and tackle regional inequalities.

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No sympathy for PM Theresa May - she has too much dignity to wish for that.

Only my utmost respect and admiration.

In the fullness of time her contributions to an optimum Brexit in the face of hurricane force headwinds will be recognised and appreciated.

The first runner in a relay race still shares the glory when the race is won.

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No sympathy for Theresa May, she is too dignified to wish for that. Only my utmost respect and admiration.

In the fullness of time her contribution to an optimum Brexit in the face of hurricane force headwinds will be recognised and appreciated.

The first runner in the relay race still shares the glory when the race is won.

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If politicians in the Conservative Party (and Labour Party for that matter) can't deliver on their key policies and manifesto promises at the national level (delivering Brexit and resolving "burning injustices"), then these parties deserve to be dismantled by the public brick by brick at the ballot box, coldly and clinically (just how Brits do it best) - so that the complacent political establishment can be replaced by something new. Local councilors will be collateral damage - boo hoo , too bad.

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Politicians need to appreciate that EVERYTHING is downstream of culture - the evolution of culture in the coming decade associated with the stronger emergence of what were minority value-sets on the back of changing demographics, coupled with the counter-response (or lack of) from the majority, will determine the sustainability of our liberal society in the West Midlands, possibly even our local Democracy itself. Urban Conservatism (with the West Midlands in mind) will only be successful if its advocates understand that the movement's core goal has to be an ambitious one of formulating policies which steers cultures (including business culture, not just the spectrum of societal cultures) into alignment with modern British liberal values of equality, inclusion, meritocracy, law and justice. Everything will spring from this, including economic success. Aiming for a tolerant society is setting the bar too low, we need to be building the kind of high-trust diverse society (which they appear to have achieved in cities like Singapore) that is usually emblematic of more homogeneous societies. Given recent events in our region, let 2019 be the end of the veneration of Multi-Culturalism, we need to formulate policies that promote Interculturalism. If the parents at Parkfield and other schools can sit down with teachers, and come to an agreement that upholds the teaching of equality (in all it's diversity) in an age appropriate way, whilst acknowledging particular religious sensitivities, and the protests cease - THIS will be Interculturalism in action. A process of two-way dialogue and tentative cultural convergence, not simply one-way indoctrination on a (for now at least) minority.