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Re: PRIME SUSPECT, great series. If you haven't seen it yet, try another British crime series of that era, CRACKER with Robbie Coltrain - not the American version. Remarkable.

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For five years of marriage, the 'feminist', Ellen Barkin, took her ex-husband, Ron Perleman, for $60 million bucks. Now thats woman's liberation!

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This episode had another great line I'll never forget. As best I remember it, this same hippy chick, in all of her new-age theorizing rhetorically challenges Rockford with, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Later, when the gangster she has been in cahoots with slaps her, Rockford remands her, "That's the sound of one hand clapping." Priceless.

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I have been less and less interested in going to movies over the years and the fact that many of the actors in current films openly express belittling insults toward my beliefs has become a real factor. We all know most actors are liberals, but it is the loud, insulting, mocking, intolerance of so many of them today that has turned me off.

Paul Newman was a lifelong liberal and often a vocal one, but I never heard Paul Newman mock, or belittle, or insult people who did not march in locksteps with his beliefs. To this day I'll watch just about anything Paul Newman is in, liberal or not. Newman had intelligence and class on and off the screen.

Many modern actors lack both, intelligence and class. Penn, Baldwin, Damon, and so many others like them would not know real class, or true thoughtfulness if it was standing next to them tapping them on the shoulder.

Sadly, Morgan freeman and Samuel L. Jackson have joined this intolerant, insulting group. For some time I have considered Freeman to be the finest American actor working today. He has what I call, Gary Cooper eyes, eyes so rich and soulful and thoughtful that he can say a page of dialogue with them without opening his mouth. Unfortunately his thoughfulness on camera is seemingly non-existant off camera.

Freeman's and Jackson's comments about tea party racism is simply wrong and unfair, as, clearly, neither gentlemen has ever been to a tea party. if they had, they would have seen what I have seen on many occasions, people of all races, creeds, ages and colors. All of them believing in a few simple principles. That the government has become far too intrusive in far too many areas of our lives. That it is taking too much of our hard earned money and spending that money in ways that most of us don't really agree with. We all know that we need government, the disagreement is in how much governement, and how controlling of our lives that government is. Race is nowhere in the equasion, unless you force it in, as Freeman, Jackson and so many in the media are tyring to do.

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Note to Michael Vartan and all of Stephen Hanks' other acting clients; When your manager is getting his name in the headlines more than you are, it's time to get a new manager.

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Wait, I thought Jon Stewart was the guy who is never really responsible for what he says because he's 'just a comedian.' He's, 'just telling jokes.' He's the guy who doesn't really take any of this stuff seriously because he's just a jokester, right? Right? In this post Stewart betrays again his hunger to be a 'relevent politcal voice' And not just a funnyman who can run from his irresponisble comments with another Culry Howard spit take.

And John Nolte's right, if the polls showed Obama were popular, liberlals - for whom popularity is all - would be cheering him on.

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Great post, John. Lets not forget the late Ron Silver who converted from a hard core liberal to a 9/11 conservative. Jon Voight who speaks with fearless passion abut his love for liberty and this country, David Mamet and his more newly found voice for this countty at a time when anti-American and anti-Conservatvism is at an hysterical peak (perhaps it has not yet found it's peak, that's yet to be seen, for I think we have yet to see the height of liberal hysteria and hyperbole.)

Though for all of these voices of Hollywood patriots, they are still sorely outnumbered but the "hip and trendy" liberal meme of those who never question the liberal politcs they imbibed wthout question when they were teenagers. For peole who are supposed to be 'artists' Hollywood liberals are the least introspective and self-examining people I've ever met.

There is some blame to be shared by conservatives, however, for the many years they rolled over and abdicatated the argument to liberals in entertainment, in education, in politics and in the news media. Time to get back into the fight and back the Surnows, the Voights, the Dennis Millers, the Lyonel Chetwynds, the Roger L Simons and other in the business.

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I saw the star potential in Cavill on THE TUDORS It seemed it was just a matter of time for him. I can't think of anyone better for the role --- if written and directed right.

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Not often a fan of the ACLU but I'm with them on this one. This is a growing intimidation technique by police all over the country. Clearly they are afraid of being caught making a mistake, or intentionally doing something wrong, ala the San Francisco subway shooting, video-taped by bi-standers from multiple angles. Courts have already found against them on these issues. If they can video-record citizens in public in their everyday lives they have no strong argument to make that they can't be recorded in return. Police have a weak case here, but many of them will use their badge to intimidate until the courts and their superior officers come down on them.

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All of our internal outrage on this website means nothing. Maher clearly has emotional, psychological problems. He gets a rush from the anger projected at him from conservative sites like this. It makes him feel like a bigshot. The only thing that will back Maher off his despicable behavior is his bosses at HBO. The only thing that will cause his bosses to back him off is tens of thousands, better, hundreds of thousand of conservatives cancelling their subscription to HBO with accompanying letters explaning why you are cancelling, sent to the heads of HBO and to your local cable provider. There are a lot of ways to watch the HBO shows that you do like without being a subscriber. I cancelled my subscription a long time ago. Save your money and send a message.