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This is just further evidence of an administration that is hell-bent on attacking our Constitution and attempting to control, meddle, or interfere in our lives. Those in power truly believe they know what is best. They have no regard for "We the People." It is an insult that they are creating 'potential terrorist lists" and it seems like it just happens to include groups with dissenting opinions. Transparency in government and bipartisan government are laughable ideas. The statements are just empty campaign promises. I believe that President Obama showed his lust for power when he walked into the Republican caucus and firmly reminded them, "I Won!!" Well Mr. President so did they and they have just as an important role in this government as you. However, you seem focused on destroying any checks and balances in order to further your agenda.

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I See Dead Voters!!

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I agree China is probably starting to show their hand, and President Obama is starting to spin this story. It is what he does. He spins, he spins, he spins and We the People get dizzy. It has become his MO. However, if you go to the well too often people begin to get wise.

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Does anyone else think that we have far too many politicians that are of the (definition #2) selfish mold? We need elected Public Servants. We need term limits (will settle for self imposed term limits) and we need those in politics to be held accountable. Live by the same rules that apply to all of us. Stop spending that which isn't yours.
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Pronunciation: \ˌpä-lə-ˈti-shən\
Function: noun
Date: 1589
1: a person experienced in the art or science of government ; especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government
2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession b: a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons

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According to most statistics about 20% of the American people smoke. I may not be a statistical whiz kid but that seems higher than 5%.

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Prohibition was so popular (and progressive) that the new modern progressives are now deciding to give this another try (sort of.) This tax could be a big wake up for those that still see through rose colored glasses regarding the current administration.

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Stop the out of control spending and bureaucracy. Where is this money coming from? We do not have it.
This government is growing by leaps and bounds. They want their hand in everything. Everytime they tax us a little piece of freedom dies.
Stop robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Ooops. I think that was a biblical reference. Maybe Big Brother will come after me on that one.

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Medium-well? Rare? I mean seriously we need some deep investigative reporting here fellows. I heard that Helen Thomas was there and that she ordered a well done burger - she was reminded of the time that Woodrow Wilson took the press out for progressive blue plate specials at a local diner.

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Just a rhetorical question... How would the media react if ACORN had connections to a conservative Republican?

I am sure they would be doing the same bang up roll up their sleeves and dig deep to get to the heart of the story..

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The 60 votes will be a blessing in the long run. It will allow the minority party to firm up their values and fight the battle from the outside. The press will gradually have to cover their grievances. The arrogance of the liberal majority will be their downfall. The American people will soon see the error of the unlimited spending.