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Lots of people gave all they had for this country - in many wars and situations. I am an unwaivering supporter of Israel, but this sounds like reparations claims to me. What better friend does Israel have than the US? Before this president at least....

Also, your rationale is a bit flawed. Does what the Rosenbergs did in giving our nuclear secrets to the Soviets mean that Jews owe America for that? It's time to stop grouping ourselves into little sub-groups of Americans. It lessens the greatness of our country.

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Well put.

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Liberals use emotions to make bad decisions that make our country weaker, less free, and poorer. Social Security, Medicare, welfare, etc. Our side makes the same mistakes when we use emotions rather than logic. Obama is no worse than any other Socialist. People like Stalin, Mao and Hitler are far worse, maybe not in their effect on the USA, but they were far worse people. Calling Obama the Antichrist or a fascist or Hitler doesn't score any points because it sinks to an emotional level of argument. You then lose all credibility. nomoreliberals, I bet you everything you own that in 43 months, nothing on a religious level will happen. People have been predicting the end of times since the beginning of time. They all look like fools.

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Term Limits would address this. Politicians should not be career leeches like they are now. They are not serving the country, the country is serving them!

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I agree with Obama. I still think we should refer to terrorists as "happy little snuggly elves", and terrorist acts as "culturally understandable vociferous and assertive acts of disagreement (CUVAAAOD)". That way, they would feel absolutely no hostility to us and the events formally known as terrorism will cease to exist.

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Of course there is less wealth now!!!! Liberals think that there is a pie of wealth in the world and that those who are successful hoard it and keep it from the poor. This is laughable. Wealth is created and destroyed. All the wealth that America has was not siphoned from Europe or Asia or anywhere else. It was CREATED!!!! By American blood, sweat, tears and ingenuity. If not, then the planet would have the same wealth is has always had. There must have been some hellatiously wealthy cavemen.

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You are very naive, chrstsldr. These are not people that were shopping at the iraqi equivalent of 7/11, they were captured trying to kill our guys! Why would we bother dragging innocent people back to gitmo. I think far more than innocents being captured, the more common event is that some have been released and returned to the battlefield to try and kill our people again!

By the way, do you also want to stop using harmful phrases like "terrorists" and "enemy combatants"? If so, I agree. We should refer to them a "snuggly little happy elves". Maybe that would be so unoffensive to them, that they would stop hating us and stop trying to kill us.

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Right on, Dave. I could not be less religious, but I am with Glenn and all of you 100%

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I used to live in South Africa. It is one of the few places left that thinks Communism is a good idea, and that Fidel Castro is someone to be admired. Although, now that I read what I have just written, I think of a lot of South America, and where Obama is pointing this country, maybe South Africa was just ahead of the curve.

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MoveOn was founded as a defense mechanism for Clinton's adultery and perjury. I think more people would / will join movement like this as national sentiment swells against socialist big government and this leftist administration.