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Nice to hear you are feeling good Mark. I take your word for it but that is nearly unbelievable about Jason. The team with the best record in all of baseball with no All-stars is living proof that teams win pennants, not individuals. This is Dodger baseball. Peace.:}

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Waiting for Miguel to get it going. Somewhat concerned about Mark who has been silent for a few hours. Hope you are just getting some rest. If you feel like the people in Aliens, something going to bust out of you, you should go to ER. I developed an infection after abdonemal surgery but it took a week or so to develope. Let us know how it goes. Just wanted to say that took until June 26th to happen but I think I predicted on the day that MB signed w/cubbies, that him and Lou would roll.

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Sorry for being chatty Cathy today but I am thinking that everytime Joe puts Matt in the 9th hole, he goes yard. Come on Ken, you must have the stats.

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Now with that guy with the gigantic head that nobody wants isn't playing, is there a player that is more hated than AJ? Ya think if they can hit 4, er 5 bombs tonight that we have a couple in us? You'd think we were at Wrigley with the wind blowing out. Oh well, I suppose it is good to get your nose rubbed in it every once in a while. Home run derby, got to put on the mute button. The Hawk is killing me with his HR yodel.

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I concur. We have plenty of arms. Speaking of arms, has James even pitched since his recall? Especially don't want Washburn. Got the Sox feed tonight, and Steve Stone is cool but Ken Harrelson is unbearable.

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I live 10 minutes away from the Raptors park. Next time we have an off day and the Raptors are in town, I will go watch them to get my baseball fix. No beer for a month, talk about a weight loss program. I'll pick up the slack for you.

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Part human part robot, it's robo-mover. Welcome back. I see you are right back up to speed, causing discontentment and arguing. Good job. That really is a pretty good analogy, Andre and Phil. Flashes of brilliance but you know they will choke when it really matters. Hope you get out of that place soon. Hospitals are crawling with all sorts of creepy things plus they don't have beer on the menu. Speaking of brewskis, I'll give a toast , for your speedy recovery, tonight. :}

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Way cool, Miguel. Thanks for letting me know that Mark is in LaLa Land. It's Dr. Hiroki tonight. Sweet Baby James. I LOVE L.A !

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Can't watch the College WS, that ping sound sends chills up my spine, dreadful. Happy dreams Mark and unless they immobilize your fingers, we expect to hear from you soon, I mean, we are all family.

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Thanks Mark. I imagine you are probably going to be pretty busy today. Just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you . Please let us know, as soon as you can, how you are.