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In short, the progressives want to ban everything that is good, fun or both and just make us all miserable. I like how Archie Bunker saw Democrats where they will all drive us to the poor house, but we will be so poor we will not be able to drive, "we will all have to walk there."

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The huge shadow Woodstock and the "Free Love" movement left us in a nutshell is that they want to be able to do anything they want to without dealing with the responsibility, accountability and consequences of their actions. I've read some of your books and they do stress that we can do what we want and people will do so but also, yhet must be responsible and accountable for what they do. I do believe in that but it seems like the modern left does not, they want their cake and eat it too, so to speak.

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I'm a science fiction geek so if I may add another quote, "Robert A. Heinlein" (of Starship Troopers, Stranger in a Strange Land, Lazarus Long and the Cat Who Walks Through Walls fame) always said, "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch," sometime abbreviated TANSTAAFL. Sure maybe some of these ideas may help some, if I may be Devil's Advocate, but they are a burden on others too. I do taxes part-time and I have seen people make out like bandits if they have kids and qualify for the income tax credit while poor, old me, a single, um, White guy is struggling paycheck to paycheck and is lucky I can afford to use a 1982 model TV to this day. As to student loans, I worked my butt off and even had my wages garnished for a while, but I did it, if they do that now, then what about me who did me right thing? Getting back to tax credit for children, we need to abolish that, I mean, what about the single man or woman who is a similar position as me? What about old people? What about those who choose not to have kids? The rest of us pay for it.

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Well, IIRC, the Republicans did lose the Senate in 2000, well it was a tie, but basically a loss because they lost control because, in part, to the impeachment of president Clinton. Was the impeachment the right thing to do, sure, but because of the hue and cry from the Democrats then plus some of the weakness on some of the Republicans in the senate, it was a small net loss for the Republicans in the Senate as well as losing 2 seats in the House, although they still held the House. The Republicans just did not have enough "oomph" if you will.

There is an old saying that if you are going to the lion's den to "beard the lion," you have to be sure and able you can do it,. The Republicans did not have it in 1998 and the Democrats sure do not now, they are even worse because of their constant witch hunt. This will not bode well for them in the next election.

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Not to hijack the thread, but that Greta Thunberg is just a tool but when you look at her, her face and especially her eyes look demonic. That seem to be true of96% of the Democrat out there too, the good Democrat like Zell Miller, Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson are all gone. Sure we had disagreements with them too but at least they held America's interest at heart for the mot part and would not go down the demonic, barking moonbat path we are on now.

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I would say you are correct, a lot of what the modern left believes has a foundation during the 1960's and it accelerated from Haight Ashbury, circa 1967 to Woodstock. I do believe the seeds have been planted before, some say when the South lost the Civil War and the 10th Amendment was defanged, others say President Woodrow Wilson with the income tax, popularly elected Senate and the attempt at Prohibition. FDR added with his New Deal and so forth. Still, people were still held responsible and accountable for their actions until the advent of Woodstock. I generally don't care what people do unless they hurt others or impose their will upon others without their consent but also, I believe if there are rewards or consequences, people need to be responsible and accountable for what they do. Woodstock issued a libertine, "free" society, but in truth, nothing is really free.

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Well, Mr. Ringer seems to be correct, our enemies are so full of hatred and contempt, I am afraid we are running our of ways to deal with things peaceably, with the exception of maybe them peaceably seceding from us or vice versa. It's like an old adage, we are watching a car with no rakes rolling down a hill and at he bottom is a big wall. I still pray to God we can deal with this in a peaceful manner but it looks like as time passes, it is becoming less and less possible and safely when it begins, innocents will be hurt. I don't want to see that but we also must stand by the principles we hold dear along with the Constitution, from the American Revolution(maybe even before) to Korea, my ancestors fought for this country and we need to come together to keep her.

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I do understand where you're coming from but the paradigm has changed much radically since the 1970's and `1980s'. There is a time where people of like minds need to ban together if it is for the values we all hold dear for Western Civ and as libertarians and conservatives. "If we don't hang together, we will hang separately" as Ben Franklin puts it. I know many times people ban together into force-able interference groups and we are at this point because of them. Sometimes we need to adopt the rules of the enemy to fight back, as in any war, the enemy dictates the rules. If I may, I believe in the Book on Ecclesiastes (sp) in the Bible where there is a time for everything as the circumstances dictate. If I may use another comparison, it's like a militia where need need to come together for the common good and goal and after we win, hopefully, we will disband and them go our individual ways and lives again and resume a "terminate but stay resident role." I for one don't want to lose our liberties, culture, country and have the left turn us all into Tortoise Soup.

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I'm afraid we are headed to what we call irreconcilable differences. Back in the past with most Democrats like the FDR, JFK and even many Bill Clinton types, we can compromise with them, despite our differences, we can agree that we want what is good for our country and to protect her. Today's Democrats starting from the 1960's and when the election of 2000, they really hit the accelerator to the point where we are 180 degrees out pf phase.

Being an amateur radio operator and knowing basic electrical theory, if you take A/C currents out of phase onto the grid, you'd end up with blown transformers, burnt out motors with a sick whiff of oil and ozone and a huge mess as the two currents fight each other. We are partly there now. Two side just cannot get along anymore.

I do have friends who are very liberal, I usually do not debate them, no way they will change their minds. To borrow from your books, most of them are Magoos and Ostriches being controlled be interests who just want to control us and to come after our chips. I still talk to a teacher in high school I had, she thinks Trump is worse than Hitler (I am waiving Godwin's Law this time). I still like her and respect her, but how can you reason with that?

If this goes on, there will be a time where we might either fight or agree to separate. I prefer the latter, I don't want to see anyone get hurt or worse, maybe give them the Boston to Washington DC corridor up to the Appalachians, they can live there and run things as they want to as we cut them loose. The other alternative, I feel uncomfortable in talking about but as we know in history, a fight will break out. It could come down to one side eventually wrapping the other one in a full Nelson until the loser says "Uncle" but even that will not solve things. Where we are at now, I'd like to call it a "Cold Civil War."

As to President Trump with George S., like you, I, along with my aunt, are wondering the same thing, why did he go on the air with him?