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Nice work guys, you have made another entry in the history books. Its a shame that it had to be released like this due to others not playing by the rules. But to be honest, i am not complaining. I have a fully Jailbroken iPod Touch 2G. Anyway guys, thank you very much for all your hard work and personal time spent on this. In this day and age, its all about money and taking, while you guys do and give back without asking for a dam thing. Thanks again

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Just a bit off topic "Sorry" I for one are looking forward to the JB not for the cracked apps, but for the themeing side of things. Now this is where i think Apple could score points and draw "Some People" away from Jailbreaking, by giving them the options of installing themes. Even if they gave us some official Apple themes, but they wont. And this is my reason that i want the JB. What do you guys think/

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One word for that comment "Ungrateful"

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MuscleNerd, do you think that this new update from Apple was designed to block your work. And do you think that Apple saw a possible way that you guys could get in on the 2G iPod? Its seems strange that with all the recent activity from you guys Apple jump's in with this update.

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Can you blame him? the spam and off topics on this blog are out of control. I don't blame him if he does not want to comment here. Trying to shift through the genuine comments is a complete nightmare. I think the best action to take here is, to shut the comments down. Let the Dev Team continue at their own pace without the constant barrage of spam. There is a lot of pressure on them to keep everyone happy, and its a bit discouraging to see all this "off topic, hate and spam" here. Everyone needs to ask themselvs this, would you come here knowing the behavior of "Some Of Us"

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let me "CLUE YOU IN" Noogah

Well if you bothered to read my post properly then you would have seen that i said "SELECTED FEW" i am not sure what school you go to, but that means what it means a "Select Few" and does not mean "ALL"

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To "Noogah"


If you bothered to read my post correctly, then you would have read the part where i said a "SELECT FEW"

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amen, 100% agree

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MuscleNerd is right when he said “wow” this is unacceptable behaviour, it is disgraceful. The spamming and hate on this site is getting way out of hand, and there is simply no bloody need for it. I regret to say that I bet most of the haters and spammers are kids, and I wonder what your parents would say if they saw you acting like this. You lot have obviously learnt no respect what so ever. You select few should be bloody ashamed. The Dev Team do this in their “OWN TIME” they have their “OWN LIVES” their “OWN FRIENDS & FAMILY” and most importantly they “OWE YOU NOTHING”

The work that they have done, and will do is “FREE” but yet people still bitch and complain. I know nothing about coding or hacking, but I am intelligent enough to understand that working with such a complicated device is a nightmare. It is no walk in the park, yet some of you think otherwise. My best advice to you haters and spammers is “Grow up, if you’re not at school already, then I suggest you go back and learn some respect and manners” If you are at school, then again I suggest you need some further help in your social skills.

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I am shocked at all the hate and spam on this site, no wounder the Dev Team have not posted anything. And its a bloody shame because when you are trying to learn as much as you can and you have to shift through endless crap, it gets old very very fast. Guys "please stop with all this spam" Anyway back on topic, how are you guys getting on "Dev Team" is there anything exciting going on with the JB. And thanks Dev Team, your doing a great job, a service that is free. Thanks Guys.