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zeyr interesant, ikh bin maskim mit vos der mekhaber shraybt. kh'vunder vu ikh ken bakumen dem khasidishn zhurnal "Moment"? Ikh hob gezukht afn internets, ober kh'ken nit gefinen kayn ofn tsu koyfn der doziker zhurnal.

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Az der Forverts vet aroysgegebn vern nor aynmol a khoydesh, iz take nit a gute yedie. Mir abonenten hobn batsolt far 24 nummers, un m'vet krign nor 12--nit kayn groyse metsie, loyt mayn maynung. Ober, vos ken m'tun? Kh'vintsh aykh mazl un hatshlokhe mit'm vebtsaytl un andere unternemungen.

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Oy, alle mentshen zaynen kritiker. S'iz an interestanter artikl vegn etimologiiye, a yasher koyekh hershll glezer.

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vos iz umaktuel? S'iz an interesante artikel, un afile a khasid ken interesirn zakh vegn yidn in andere taylen fun di velt, vos hobn farsheydene shpakhn un minim.

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Vu iz di shande? Mir alle veysn vos di kharedim denkn vegn gey-khasenes un gey layt bklal. Zey hobn nit kayn fershtand oder tolerants far di vos lebn nit loyt zeyere alt-frenkishe minim. Lozn zey lebn vi zey villn, gezunterheyt, ober Amerike iz a sekulare land, un di khasidm hobn nit kayn rekht tsu tsvingn nit karedishe yidn, oder farsheyt zakh nit yidn, tsu lebn vi zey.

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Oy, Froy Shmulevits-Hofman, der bild iz not azoy svarts vi ir shraybt. Ekhet in Florida, vi l'moshl in Sarasota vu kh'voyn in der vintertsatyt, zaynen faran Yidish leynkrayzen vu m'leynt Yidishe literatur in der original. Mentshen lernen zikh eykhet Ivrit un mishne. B'emes, hayntiken teg afile tshvishn yidn mir hobn tsu fil amoretsen, ober azoy geyt di velt.

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Lincoln as Jewish is very silly, and unsupported by any evidence. But even more ridiculous is the author's assertion that John Wilkes Booth was of Jewish descent. Really? Based on what source? The Forward has been falling down on fact-checking lately, it would be nice if the editors were a bit more vigilant.

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Nice article detailing the idiocies of FBI surveillance of anyone perceived as different--Eddie Cantor, really! But why was Brecht included among the otherwise Jewish victims? He had no Jewish ancestry, was an atheist, and actually a proud Communist, so a valid target in those red-hating days.

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Great, they're turning out editions of medieval commentaries on ancient religious texts. Of course, there is no actual modern academic scholarship involved. And the poor yeshiva students are taught nothing to prepare them for any gainful profession or trade--a shande. They are a cult because they enforce rigid adherence to authority, punish individual thought, and excommunicate anyone who differs with their rigid and archaic beliefs.

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Bardon, "whiteness" is a social construction; a century ago neither Jews, Greeks, Italians or Irish were considered truly "white" by the WASPs who were ascendent at the time--only with social mobility was whiteness conferred upon them. To this day, there are many in the South and elsewhere who don't regard Jews as white. All of this racial stuff is utter nonsense biologically, but there it is.