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Indeed. But sometimes there's more reviews I'm inclined to write than are needed by any one outlet.

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"I am reading that as "Fuck you, you're poor because you're lazy! Just be lucky enough to be born into a big city with rich parents and good schools the way I was, you wimps!"

I was born to thoroughly middle-class parents in a fading former factory town on the North Shore exactly far enough away from the nearest major city to not have direct subway access. To give you some idea about the state of the place, when movies shoot around the Boston area it's often used to play "bad towns." Did you see JOY? It played a dying Midwestern suburb in that. It played itself in GONE BABY GONE. I'm not rich. My parents aren't rich - never have been. I went to a state school. Commuted. No loans.

I know EXACTLY what it is to grow up effectively blue collar in a place where the factories are skeletons of themselves and what used to be family businesses are now an ocean of cash-for-gold storefronts and dollar shops. Crime was such a problem that it was illegal to be in a playground after sundown. Most of my near-home outdoor play with friends involved vacant lots, rail bridges where no trains had run for decades and other places where winding up needing a tetanus shot was the likely outcome. I don't come from money, I'm not money now, and I work hard for what I do have.

And that's (part of) why I have so little patience for "It's tough here, so give my hate a pass."

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You're not necessarily making a bad point, but I'd find a better example to use than Blaxploitation since, over the last two decades, the critical reappraisal of that genre has generally centered it as a positive trend that helped countless black actors, directors, etc establish footholds in the industry; along with carving out a niche in popular culture that continues to influence Black entertainment and pop-mythology today.

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I am planning to continue weeklies on Agents.

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I'm sorry to hear that. When did you download your copy? That issue was supposed to have been corrected in the most recent revision several weeks ago (I just confirmed this with a test download).

Is there a way to reach you (when able) so that I could offer some options for me to correct this?

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Yes. That is the textbook definition of censorship by force of government authority.

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Werner Von Strucker is from the comics:

Classic-Universe Baron Strucker has three children: Werner, Andrea and Andreas - the latter of whom are twins and have superhuman powers (for a time, it was suspected that their origin/parentage would be retrofitted onto Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch for AGE OF ULTRON.)

Traditionally, the angle was that Werner was technically the eldest heir to the family name but his father preferred the twins for their powers and mutual commitment to White Supremacy (for a LONG time in the comics, HYDRA were literally the Nazis-reborn rather than a tangent/offshoot); so Werner made his bones as an international crime boss instead.

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Are you SERIOUSLY citing review-aggregate scores and a magazine poll?

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Here's the thing: I don't know that Marvel is hot to have FANTASTIC FOUR back as main characters (I can near guarantee you that the team running Marvel Studios wants *everything* back even if just to say they have it, but not to the extent of being willing to lose money) but they ARE interested in tangential stuff that comes with the franchise.

This has been mostly forgotten because it came and went over the course of a weekend, but 2 years or so ago Marvel was THIS close to a deal with Fox whereby Fox would get to keep DAREDEVIL past its soon-to-expire "make a movie or lose it" date (Fox's plan: Reboot DD as an R-rated 1970s-set period movie directed by Joe Carnahan) in exchange for Marvel getting to take back/use certain pieces of the FANTASTIC FOUR mythos. The important note? They didn't want The Four themselves: They wanted supporting-cast stuff like The Skrulls, Silver Surfer and ESPECIALLY Galactus and Doctor Doom.

The deal didn't happen, but I doubt that want has dissipated: If the MCU is handicapped in one specific way, it's that most of the best BIG Marvel Villains are attached to FF, SPIDER-MAN and X-MEN. After burning through The Red Skull, The Mandarin (as well as was possible in 2015), Loki, Ultron and soon enough Dormamu and Thanos; the Cinematic Universe is going to be somewhat bereft of important "event" mega-threats for a group like The Avengers (or The Inhumans?) to look cool against. But Doctor Doom? Doom is the Little Black Dress of Marvel villains - he goes well with ANYTHING. And Galactus is scarily perfect as an AVENGERS-level enemy.

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6) As revealed a week or so ago, it's being continued in AoS Season 3 - which is now subtitled "Secret Warriors."