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The article only serves to confirm how split we are as a party . Some are for this ; others are for that. Brexit is a curse from which there seems no escape.

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In May 1940 although he won the vote of confidence Neville Chamberlain realised his time was up as the party's nominal majority in Parliament slipped from over 200 to just 80.. When the Prime Minister's deal is rejected by the House of Commons as it surely will be it may only be then that Mrs. May will see the error of her ways and that her days are numbered.. And yet I cannot see any new Prime Minister getting us out of the mess that has been created.The EU negotiators have outwitted us at every stage.

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Do you remember 'Yes Minister' the TV comedy from the early nineteen eighties ? In one of the early episodes two of the civil servants are talking and one asks the other :'How are you getting on with your new minister ?' and the reply was : 'Oh fine! completely house trained !' And I'm afraid that is exactly what has happened with the Prime Minister over Brexit.

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The 2017 General Election was supposed to be the Brexit Election and look how disastrously that turned out for the Prime Minister. Another General Election will not resolve the Brexit problem as it would be decided on other important issues facing the country e.g. health, social care, housing etc. There may have to be another referendum but what the question/questions on the ballot paper would be is anybody's guess.

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I think your analysis is spot on.

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Cunning plan. Isolate all the Brexiteers, accept Cabinet and other resignations,withdraw Article 50, sign up to everything EU lock stock and barrel and make preparations for full economic monetary and political union including joining the euro and the proposed EU army , no more 'opt outs'. etc. All planned on the 24th June 2016. Why did the Brexiteers not see this coming ?

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To paraphrase Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest : 'To lose one Brexit Secretary,Prime Minister,maybe a misfortune ; to lose two looks like carelessness'

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It was evident at least a year ago that there was a possibility of a No Deal so why have there been no proper preparations for such an outcome ?

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Of course it is true. Supposing there is another Referendum with the Question : Do you wish to remain in the EU ? Yes or No. Do you not agree that Remaining will entail joining the euro etc. and the loss of what 'opt outs' we have ? There is no way the EU is going to say come back all is forgiven ! surely you agree there can be no going back to the status quo and how things were before 22nd June 2016 ?

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I think you are right. And what I have said in another article on here is that if there was a referendum and 'Remain' was put as an option it would be totally different from the 'Remain' of 2016. For in the new situation it would mean full economic monetary and political union as set out in the various treaties,adoption of the euro as the official currency., a possible EU army and no 'opt outs'. And it would be a total deception to think otherwise.