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I strongly resent getting circulars from the P M and other Cabinet Members addressed to 'Dear Elon' which although it is my first name it is not the one used by my relations and friends who have all my life known me by my second Christian name ; in addition every circular contains a request for a donation. I contribute as much as I can reasonably afford and given past experience I will not contribute any more because I know it will not be well spent. I seem to remember that at the 2010 Election George Osborne or whoever was in charge of the finance wasted £400,000 on botched advertising.

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Forty years ago in 'Yes Minister' one Permanent Secretary said to another 'How is your Minister doing ? 'and got the reply 'Oh! completely house trained'. Ms. Patel's problem was that she was not prepared to be completely house trained and made her views known in no uncertain terms.

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We know that the Sir Humphreys of this world can be very obstructive should they so wish and I suspect that a number of them given their background (e.g.Eton/Winchester/Oxford) would not welcome working under a Secretary of State such as Priti Patel. (despite everything there is still a lot of sexism and misogyny around). The Home Secretary can be abrasive but a lot of this would be because of frustration at being unable to obtain up to date information regarding things like number of suspected terrorists roaming the country or the number of immigrants detained in bed and breakfast accommodation etc. It was a Labour Home Secretary over ten years ago who said the department was 'not fit for purpose'. It would appear that this is still the case. The PM has decided to keep the Home Secretary in place - both will be judged by their constituents and the public at the next General Election Ms. Patel has issued an apology and in my view the matter should rest there..

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I enjoy listening to Jacob Rees Mogg but in this interview I felt he was too dismissive of the problems the government is facing and the undoubted damage the corona virus pandemic has done to the economy people's livelihoods and those needing treatment in hospitals for diseases other than covid. And this interview was I assume before the Prime Minister's off the cuff remarks about devolution being a disaster.

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Neil O'Brien has not been in the job for one day and he is already subject to criticism. With friends like that who needs enemies?

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This morning Boris Johnson has been accused of saying that devolution has been a disaster and he may well be right in the sense that,as shown by the above article,the devolved Parliaments or Assemblies or whatever you want to call them have been able to do their own thing in respect of education, health etc. and this has resulted in different requirements and standards being set in the four countries comprising the United Kingdom. Having said that am I not right in thinking that even before devolution Scotland had its own educational system ?

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But they are not selected by constituency parties in many cases are they ? You had David Cameron's A list and candidates imposed on constituency parties and parachuted in by Central Office. I think that Daniel Hannan irrespective of what you think of him was excluded from selection at Aldershot due to a veto from Central Office.

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How many of those employed in Downing Street have actually lived in the real world for example doing a night shift in an NHS hospital or running a business which has say fifty employees and all the paper work involved in PAYE/NIC, SMP,SSP etc. ? I guess you could count them on the fingers of one hand. Is not that part of the problem ? As for Brexit I marvel at those from the MSM anxious to be rid of Donald Trump and who say how decisive Joe Biden's 52% to 48% win is are the very same people who claim that a 52% to 48% Leave vote in the EU Referendum is not.

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The U K government has been thrown completely off course because of the corona virus pandemic and the lukewarm response from other EU countries to France as it grapples with the Islamic terrorism inflicted on the country does not reflect well on that institution.

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Just a quick thought : Would we ever have heard of Dominic Cummings if, when the result of the Referendum was known on the morning of Friday 24th June 2016, everybody had come together and accepted the outcome and thus prevented three years of subsequent in fighting ?