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What is needed are constituency agents for the 318 Conservative held seats plus another 50 or so in the marginal seats now held by the Labour or Liberal Democrat parties. The agents need to be assisted by people versed in up to date canvassing methods such as the use of social media,computer voting preferences etc. together with the local party activists who form the backbone of any association. We should also welcome people who do not necessarily want to become members of the party. No prospective candidate should be foisted on a constituency and selection should be the sole preserve of the party members in that particular constituency. It should be the party members who should decide whether there should be a primary and whether it should be an 'open' one or not.. Whether we will get the Conservative case presented with vision, imagination and a sense of purpose by our new party Chairman remains to be seen

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It is a sad reflection on the state of our party that it seems incapable of challenging the ''Cultural Marxism' that has overtaken the Labour Party.

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I cannot see us ever taking victory in the General Election for granted particularly as Labour are still polling around 40%. I sincerely hope we fight a better campaign than the disastrous one last June but I understand more centralisation is on the cards with constituency associations being marginalised in the selection of candidates which will be done in future by a committee at Central Office. Labour is likely to be in the grip of the Left for some time to come as all of its 500,000 or so members have a vote. With 70000 or so members,many of them like me inactive,I despair as to how we will get the vote out when the next election comes.

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As the NHS is funded out of general taxation it could well be that 35 million or so tax payers are having to fund treatment for 60 million or so. From my own experience many complain that they are already paying too much tax as it is. I fail to see how we can continue to run the NHS on the 1948 model now that life expectancy has increased by ten years and many illnesses previously deemed incurable are now treatable. There have been a number of reorganisations over the years, all to no avail, and because politicians of all parties will not look to alternative sources of funding in addition to taxation the NHS will continue to be in crisis.

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The local election results in London will probably be disastrous on 3rd May but we should not be surprised in view of last year's General Election result and the 60% Remain in the referendum. Elsewhere in the country our vote seems to be holding up pretty well probably because Labour is also divided over Brexit and fear not so much of Jeremy Corbyn but those on the hard left who support him.

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Article 50 was approved in the House of Commons by an overwhelming majority and it is unclear whether it could be now be withdrawn. Both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party agreed in last June's general election that the verdict of the people in the referendum had to be honoured. This meant leaving both the single market and the customs union. We are where are because none of the leading Brexiteers had any idea how to implement Brexit and how complicated it would be. Nor did they recognise how obstinate and unaccommodating those representing the European Union would be although in view of the few concessions David Cameron had managed to negotiate they should have realised what was going to happen. I reluctantly voted 'Remain' wanting the economic benefits but not the political union as part of a province of a Greater Europe. Sadly you cannot have one without the other.
The whole thing is a mess and as I have said before a poisoned chalice.

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Until fairly recently there were on average only about a dozen or so Conservative women Members of Parliament.. Apart from the list given by Ricardos,Ghost (above) a number of others made their mark. Three became Peeresses namely Joan Vickers who defeated Michael Foot twice at Plymouth Davenport, Pat Hornsby Smith who held junior office in Macmillan's government I believe, and Mervyn Pike who was Assistant Postmaster General. in the early sixties. Nor must we forget Ann Widdecombe who in recent years has shown that there is a life outside politics. Why she has not been elevated to the second chamber remains a mystery.

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Recently I watched a short film about Jacob Rees-Mogg visiting South Shields, a seat which has never returned a Conservative M.P. He was received with great respect by the Labour voters in the constituency who, although they would never vote for him, listened politely to what he had to say. I am sure they would be horrified at what took place in Bristol last night. We should be worried because these thugs are not only attacking our party . Labour councillors are either retiring or being deselected up and down the country. Were Jeremy Corbyn ever to become Prime Minister we have been warned what is in store. And it is not very nice !

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Neville Chamberlain only left office when he lost a vote of confidence in the House of Commons with 33 Conservatives voting against him and many others abstaining ,a majority of over 200 falling to 81. Remaining in the war cabinet he and Lord Halifax wanted to do a deal with Hitler but were prevented from doing so by the votes of Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee and the second Labour member who I believe was Arthur Greenwood.

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Brexit means leaving the single market and the customs union. Every Conservative candidate at the last election knew that and those who were not prepared to accept that fact should not have put themselves forward for election. The Brexiteers never expected to win the referendum and had no set plan as to how to withdraw from the European Union. Clarity and vision have been lacking. The Prime Minster has tried her best but has been found wanting. She chose not to remove Philip Hammond from the Treasury immediately after the election and it has been down hill all the way since then.. Without a Brexiteer as Chancellor the Leavers have had no chance. 'Britcoin' (see above) may well be right. The party could self destruct. But in view of the fact that the whole European issue has been a cancer at the heart of the party for twenty five years that surely would not be a surprise. It should however be remembered that nearly one third of Labour supporters and about one quarter of Liberal Democrat voters were Brexiteers although of course the Tories being in government are now holding this poisoned chalice.