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Thank you for correcting me. Would I then be right in saying that the Commission cannot enforce a particular health scheme on an individual country ? In an economic, monetary and political union is there room for divergence ?

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What is this UKIP Brexit or Conservative Brexit ? You are either for the E U project or against it. Being in the EU involves complete economic.monetary and political union with the euro as the common currency and a Commisson of 27 or so persons who as far as I am aware have been appointed and not directly elected by anyone. It seems to me that the Commission could insist at some future date that the NHS as constructed in the United Kingdom is not relevant to the the E U s needs and that some form of insurance MUST be taken out by every citizen in the European Union. A fantasy ? Maybe. But there would be nothing to stop it happening and nothing could be done about it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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For the last 150 years the Conservatives have been a minority party in Wales and that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. At the last Assembly elections in 2016 Labour gained 32% of the national vote but won 48% of the seats. It has a lock on 25 seats in South and North East Wales and will retain power by entering into a coalition with either the Liberal Democrats (as at present) or with Plaid Cymru. The Gwynfi local election result would be typical of an old industrial seat where the Conservatives have always polled badly. In the vast rural areas of Wales Conservatives are stronger ( we now have a Conservative M P and a Conservative A M in the former Liberal;stronghold of Montgomery) and vie with Plaid Cymru who tend to win seats in North West Wales around Caernarfon. Liberals and Plaid are both strong in Ceredigion where our vote is steady but not great. For the party to have any success it needs to establish its own Welsh identity which means refusing to take orders from Central Office in London. The constituencies we could win need to select their own candidates early and not to have people parachuted in and have no connection with the area they seek to represent but are using it simply as a stepping stone to a safe seat elsewhere in the country. It will be an uphill task but we could win 14 or so seats as we have done in the past. We have to be realistic but in a Westminster Parliament where only once in the last 25 years have we won a working majority fourteen or so Welsh M P s would be a valuable addition.

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You are of course correct. There are a lot of Welsh speakers around the Oswestry area in Shropshire. Unless exempt the general public in that town will have to pay prescription charges whereas in Wrexham twenty miles away and over the border in Wales prescription charges are non existent.

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No matter what is attempted or however hard we try Conservatives in Wales will always be in a minority. We might in a good year get about 30% of the vote (maximum) and this means perpetual opposition. The reasons for setting up the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly were that these heavily voting Labour areas did not want to be ruled by a Conservative government at Westminster. Under the present voting system 40 first past the post seats and 20 regional seats split amongst five regions means that Labour is guaranteed at least 25 seats due do its lock of seats stretching from Swansea in West Glamorgan to Pontypool (Torfaen) in the Monmouthshire valleys. In addition there are five seats in North Wales around the Wrexham area which always return Labour Assembly members. Despite P R at the last Assembly elections in 2016 Labour won 48% of the seats on 32% of the national vote. Their continual hold on power is boosted by the sole Liberal Democrat member for Brecon & Radnor holding the Education portfolio in the Welsh Cabinet. Of the four major parties in the assembly (excluding UKIP) three are left or left leaning and Plaid Cymru specifically states that it is a socialist party.. Once the devolution genie had been let out of the bottle it was evident that Labour would be perpetually in government and this has been the case for the last twenty years. That said the Conservatives although opposing the initial setting up of the Assembly have made a valuable contribution its work and we have some very talented members. Unfortunately for the reasons stated above they are very unlikely to hold ministerial positions in the foreseeable future..

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Looking at the result it would appear that the Lib Dems reduction from 68% to 38% split roughly 45% to the Conservatives and 55% to Labour.

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Why would the former Mayor of London need diversity training ? I would imagine that in his eight years in office he has probably met more Muslim ladies than Theresa May and Brandon Lewis have in their whole lives ?

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We are Europeans in the sense that we are geographically part of the continent of Europe but why would you want to remain in a bureaucratic entity which centres on Germany and is failing very many parts of southern Europe where there are high levels of youth unemployment and with a currency that has been 'fudged' to let in so many additional member states ?

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Evidently both David Blunkett and Ed Balls would not agree with some of the comments on here. They are of the opinion that Labour voters in the Midlands and North of England would still back Leave.

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An excellent article which puts everything into perspective and is written by someone who has a clear grasp of the issue in question.