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The chickens are now coming home to roost. For the last twenty five years some of our members and voters have wanted to be in the EU ; others out of the EU. A house divided against itself cannot stand. The referendum has solved nothing but only highlighted how split the country is. The concerns of the 17.4 million who voted to leave will never be met because those in authority are pro EU. The cracks were papered over in pursuit of getting back in government after thirteen years in opposition, Reminds me of the old ditty : She didn't say yes ; she didn't say no ; she didn't say stay ; she didn't say go' What an unholy shambolic mess !

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Well the government and the Conservative Party better get its act together pretty quickly if that disaster is to be prevented.It is to our eternal shame and the Brexit shambles that this scenario is even remotely possible.

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Suppose Italy left the EU would the country then have border problems with both France and Germany ?

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'Brexit means Brexit' What a laugh ! The best thing the Brexiteers can hope for now is that the European Super State will collapse due to its own inadequacies and the fact that of the twenty eight nations or so which comprise it each has its own agenda. But did we really expect anything else from this supine divided government ?

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It was the United Kingdom government that took us into the then European Economic Community in 1973 and it will be the United Kingdom government which,provided it can get its act together,will take us out of the European Union in due course. Nicola Sturgeon knows that the European Union will not deal with Scotland as an independent country.. This is simply political posturing.

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Some months ago Douglas Murray gave a lecture on the Unherd web site entitled : ' Communism's forgotten victims.' It is worth listening to.

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This seat is interesting and reflects the demographic changes in a constituency which now has a Conservative M P. 53 years ago in October 1964 Harold Wilson formed his first government and made Frank Cousins who was I think General Secretary of the TGWU Minister of Technology.. Frank Bowles who had won the seat at the election was given a peerage and Cousins was elected M P for Nuneaton in the by election. Cousins lasted about two years and there was a further by election in 1967 when Les Huckfield became the M P. His majority in the 1970 general election over the Conservative candidate was 14000..

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But you know as well as I do that the Leavers did not expect to win the referendum and Nigel Farage said as much as soon as the polls closed. Would you not agree that there should have been a plan ? Theresa May was a Remainer and still refuses to say whether she would now support leaving the E.U. She got the job courtesy of the Conservative Members of Parliament who,after Michael Gove had fallen out of the leadership race,felt unable to support Leaver Andrea Leadsom who had little experience of ministerial office. Nigel Farage has virtually disappeared from the scene and seems more interested in taking up broadcasting as a career.. I am glad though that you don't seem to disagree with the general thrust of my argument.

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Margaret Thatcher who in my opinion was a far better Prime Minister than Theresa May (I could never imagine MT squandering a 20 point lead over someone like JC) was denied the Oxford honorary Doctorate given to previous Prime Ministers so this latest incident concerning Mrs. May should come as no surprise.

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The Brexit the people voted for in June 2016 simply will not happen. Here's why : The P M and most of the Cabinet are against it ; the whole establishment is : CBI, TUC, House of Lords Civil Service etc. We now have in addition David Milliband (ex Foreign Secretary,Chair of Charitable institutions - salary £450,000 ; Sir Nick Clegg ex Deputy Prime Min inster/Leader of the Liberal Democrats parliamentary severance pay ? /eu pension/parliamentary pension ??) and Mrs. Nicky Morgan (parliamentary salary nearly £80,000) lining up to disrupt the whole process. Those who voted for Brexit can be ignored as elderly,stupid,racist,old working class,patriots who know nothing about modern Britain whose voices should be completely ignored because as Sir Nick Clegg said 'They will soon be dead anyway' (or words to that effect). From the day after the referendum result was announced the Remainers were determined to scupper it. Why have they succeeded ? Because the Leavers have had no proper plans prepared and no vision of how the country could prosper and be successful as an independent and free trading nation. All sort of obstacles have been put in the way ; the Irish Border question, the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, 'the customs union' , 'a customs union' etc. The E U negotiators have treated us as a pariah state and only want our money to fill what will be the gaping hole in the EU budget. The best those wanting 'out of the European Union' is to hope that the whole thing will collapse in five or six years due to its own inconsistencies. For even the Remainers will concede it is at present an overblown bureaucracy stuffed by people earning salaries and receiving expenses which are beyond the wildest dreams of 99.999% of the EU population.