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The general public is looking at this farce in complete amazement. This is the most dysfunctional House of Commons in living memory.

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We will never leave the EU in any meaningful sense. The willingness of those in authority is simply not there. And this is hardly surprising when two and a half years and more after the referendum we still have a Cabinet , government and Members of Parliament who are mostly for Remaining. The only consolation is that by staying we may escape the excesses of a Corbyn led government restrained to some extent by the bureaucracy of the EU. This will come about because Conservative voters betrayed by their own party leadership will flock to Nigel Farage's new party and thus split the vote. The party can never rid itself of its Europe Schizophrenia.

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When I was in school I was taught that unlike its European neighbours Great Britain was a formidable naval power (Drake, Nelson etc.) whereas the Europeans e.g. France and Germany had strong armies. Our history is different and even today we still meet every two years with 53 states which we initially colonised and to most of which we then gave independence. What other country in the EU has that sort of connection ? No. We can never be good Europeans. If we were we would have joined the euro and the Schengen agreement. We cannot really blame the intransigence of the EU in the present negotiations . A majority of the U K electorate wanted to leave and it is our politicians who for various reasons are either unwilling or unable to carry out the mandate.

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As I have said before the party has had EU schizophrenia ever since 1992 and neither the Referendum in June 2016
nor the General Election in 2017 resolved this matter. It is shameful that in June 2107 many Conservative members of Parliament were elected on a manifesto commitment they had no intention of keeping if elected.. There was always the possibility of a No Deal scenario so why have the preparations been so inadequate ? The way our Members of Parliament have conducted themselves over the last two and a half years only serves to confirm why they are held in contempt by the electorate at large,

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Brexit is a symptom of a ,much deeper malaise within Europe itself. I have been reading Douglas Murray's book 'The Strange Death of Europe' and it is quite clear that the European Union and the countries within Europe have handled the whole immigration crisis badly. The euro is not working for many countries in southern Europe where there is high youth unemployment and Italy a founding member of the EEC as it then was could well be the first country to ditch the euro. It will be interesting to see how well the so called 'populist' parties do in the forthcoming EU elections in May. But even if these parties do relatively well I doubt very much will change. The whole continent seems to be in paralysis and uncertain about the future.

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That is not the point. We were told that whatever the result and if it was Leave it would be implemented. Parliament had the final say and could have had it wished stipulated that for the Referendum to be effective there had to be say 67% for leaving on a turn out of say 70%. Why did it not do so ? Simply because as the overwhelming majority of Members of Parliament were for 'Remain' they thought there was not a cat's chance of Leave winning. And when Leave did win there was a wringing of hands and a gnashing of teeth and the 'Oh my God what do we do now ?' We may be in a mess but Remainers are as much to blame as anyone (and I write as one who very reluctantly voted 'Remain')

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The problem if I remember correctly in July 2016 was that there were three Leave Candidates in the running for the leadership - Liam Fox, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom. Fox and Gove were eliminated and Leadsom was left to fight it out with Theresa May and we know that a few uncharacteristic remarks scuppered Leadsom's chances. I would not expect the Brexiteers to make the same mistake again and hopefully would coalesce around a chosen single candidate.

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It is in full swing now. We will just have to get used to it. I wonder what will be next.

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I think we must have made some sort of progress if Members of Parliament like Nicky Morgan and Jacob Rees Mogg have found something they can agree on.. Most of the members of the party and the general public want some sort of agreement and it would seem that the one negotiated by the Prime Minister is the only one on offer flawed as it is..
The EU has more urgent problems than Brexit and it will be interesting to see how what we might call 'populist' parties do in the forthcoming EU elections in May. The whole project may collapse because of its inadequacies and the desire of the member states to have more independence.We may be a type of vassal state if the P M's plan is adopted but who is to say what the future holds? Punishing Britain may in fact have exactly the opposite effect and lead to more countries challenging the bureaucratic centralising of power. The European continent of which the United Kingdom is a part is facing great challenges, the greatest for the last two thousand years.

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We live in a godless society. I would very much doubt if more than 5% of young people have ever heard of the Ten Commandments let alone their origin.