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A cheating jerk by any other name is still a cheating jerk. Sorry, Quack Shack, but you're not going to fool kids into thinking they're getting a heroine instead of a villain.

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Nice visuals, but I'm not thrilled about the message. The song is clearly referencing the God of the Bible, not Celestia. Is Celestia the Yah in "hallelujah?" Not last I checked. Luna doesn't worship Celestia, as well she shouldn't. I can't get into this. I'm going back to the video of Adam walking through the woods singing a worship song.

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Owl City uses autotune as one of his instruments. He's typically a one-man band.

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A lot of introverted bronies were a bit put off by the unintentional knock against introverts in this episode, and Silver Quill did an excellent job tackling the issue. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that, written just a bit differently, the message could have gotten across that introversion was not Moondancer's problem by any means. It also wasn't intended by the writers to imply that it was her problem. Her problem was that she was dealing with rejection, and if you think about it, she didn't handle it that much differently from Pinkie. She let go of her passions, forsook her appearance, isolated herself, and held a grudge that couldn't be resolved by a mere party. The only truly discernable difference is that Moondancer didn't surround herself with puppets. She used books as her poor substitute for friends instead of a bag of flour and a bucket of turnips, and she let the books speak for themselves. But other than that, she and Pinkie handle rejecction much the same way. So clearly Moondancer's introversion has little to nothing to do with her response to Twilight unintentionally snubbing her. I discussed the differences between Twilight and Moondancer's personality on my Tumblr. You can read it here:

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Moondancer had to fit the theme. There are three models for the Canterlot Six unicorns: Twilight, Lyra and Lemon Hearts. Minuette shares Lyra's model and Twinkleshine shares Lemon Hearts' model. So it only made sense to have Moondancer share Twilight's model.

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The unintended message that introversion is bad has nothing to do with the time they had to present the story and everything to do with the way they presented it. Granted, Minuette is an extrovert with the mistaken idea that introversion equals shyness, and that her goal should be to help Moondancer "recover" from introversion to become an extrovert. But they could have taken just two seconds away from Twilight's BSOD to let her explain that the problem was not Moondancer's preference for solitude, but her own act of rejection.

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*facehoof* You COMPLETELY missed the point! Introversion is NOT shyness, social anxiety or isolation! Introversion is simply a matter of getting your emotional and mental energy from internal sources rather than external ones. Introverts are energized by solitude and drained by socialization, while extroverts are the inverse. But that does not, in any way, form or manner, even begin to suggest that introverts do not like socialization. We simply don't like it in extreme amounts as extroverts do. Newsflash: There are shy extroverts. There are sociopathic extroverts. There are agoraphobic extroverts. My brother is an extrovert with a social anxiety. Introversion and extroversion are not measures of security and self-assurance. They are descriptors of which way your emotional and mental energy flows.

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Don't get me wrong, what happened in Paris is terrible. But how come we only stand with our European allies when they're attacked? How come I never see any art encouraging people to stand with our Asian allies? Where are the ponies waving the Israeli flag, calling people to stand with the ONE friend we have in the entire Middle East?

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So who wants to start a pool on who the next successful facehoof will be? My vote's on Rarity, as she claims the spotlight in the three episodes following the hiatus.

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I'm much more concerned about what RD and Discord already did than about what Discord might do once he's gotten onto everypony's good side.