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Still think those rock attachments are too big

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The way mattel design team changed the rock attachments from perferct to that and since rokkon is my most wanted figure (my mosquitor) I wont even try to get one and I'm done with this line now! What a dissapointment... They totaly screwed up the 4h wonderful work on my favorite figures... Even the new extended sculpt on the rock attachments are crapy and I bet they where changed inside mattel! Very bad move... Lost a costumer that would stick with the line until the very end collecting every released figure... Bye MOTUC

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Man-at-arms in general but as far as MOTUC I have to say fang man... When I saw it first time I didnt saw an action figure, I saw filmation cartoons, I saw me as a child spending good saturday morning seeing he-man filmation episodes, I remembered all than happy moments playing with the figures and traveling through my imagination where eternia was alive and in my thoughts I pretended to be a traveler from eternia just waiting to be picked up to return to my home planet. Yeah... Fang man made me remember all that and better yet, made me feel the same things all over again so many years after! I have a sub so I have all the figures, so I wont be sad not to win but as I'm an international fan and my stuff takes about one month to get to me, and as I'm a moc collector... Your previews work for me as a wider window on whats comming to me and to my own figures so I see them every time a new one comes up, and many times I see the old ones again with the moc figures in hand! To tell the true was one of your reviews a few years ago, on the org, that made me with my nostalgy, to become an action figure collector as I only collect MOTU! So, as you can see I already won! Thank you dan and keep the excelent work...

The only thing I would prefer would be that you had an index of the figure reviews as you had on popculture... Make that hapen and you'll be giving me a price by that!

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Oh... Ok then. But dont know why I liked more the ones on he-man... Btw dan... Whats your favorite unreleased motuc figure now? (Even if its not annouced yet)

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Lol Batman's shoulders are reversed!!