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This is quite interesting. With the overthrow of the CCCP history is literally being rewritten before our eyes. What can we really believe?

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'' The German Psychiatric Association did nothing when Hitler rose to power.'' This seems an odd statement as the NAZI's forbade Jews in the medical and legal profession, so there may have been few left to resist even if they wanted to. I saw a picture once of German judges taking an oath to Hitler with the Roman salute. Wish I knew where I saw it.

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As usual, Hitler gets bad press in this article. Holocaust revisionist David Irving says in a You Tube that 'The Chief is warmly regarded by those who knew him. Let us remember that Hitler never had the opportunity to defend himself before his detractors in a fair trial. Neither did those who were tried at Nuremberg for, as Geoffery Robertson QC points out in his book Crimes Against Humanity, a fair trial would have had impartial judges from neutral countries. Yes it's true unfortunately, Mussolini, Hirohito, Stalin and Mao Tse-dong all never enjoyed a fair trial where they could defend themselves against their detractors.

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Let's hope the ICC starts prosecuting whites. However Geoffery Robertson QC in his book Crimes Against Humanity – The Struggle for Global Justice, says the Prosecuting Arm of the ICC is too closely attached to the Registry with judges socially consorting with prosecutors. Robertson alleges the same state of affairs existed at the War Crimes Trials in Nuremberg with defence attorneys being out of the loop. Robertson also criticizes the proceedings of the IMT in the Far East for not prosecuting Emperor Hirohito whom Robertson alleges is the arch-war-criminal. Charles I and Louis XVI were tried and Emperor Hirohito should have been too. As an aside, this author's uncle was a war correspondent who covered these proceedings.

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There have been some great anti-war songs no longer played, such as Masters of War by Bob Dylan and this one from Country Joe and the Fish Uber Verboten - I now days suspect that Germany was perhaps victim of a conspiracy between Russia, UK and France. If this is so then the impartiality of the judges presiding over the Nuremberg War Trials and their sentences is called into question.

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As Putin says, the USA is in Syria illegally, without the invitation of the Syrian government. This probably applies to Australia as well as I can't remember Assad asking Australia for help. The RAAF is operating in Syria. Count Two of the Nuremberg Trials was Waging Aggressive War which is what the USA and ally Australia et al appears to be doing. During the Vietnam War the Chinese media used to describe allies of the USA as running dogs. I miss that picturesque language.

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There appears to be no mention of numbers of police killed. I believe this is quite large. This makes police victims too of laws encouraging gun ownership.

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Terrifying to think that it may be up to unnamed and unelected military officers to determine between legal and illegal orders to fire missiles.
Yet this was the case when a Russian submarine near Cuba wanted to launch atomic warheads at the USA.
They could not contact Moscow. Two of the three officers voted yes but one voted no.
It was this single officer who may have prevented WWIII.

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I believe the author correctly states that Russia is not a signatory to the Statute of Rome, however Russia was a signatory until leaving.
Thus Russia may perhaps still fall under ICC jurisdiction for alleged crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during that period?
The defendants at the International Military Tribunal war crimes trials in Nuremberg, such as Air Marshal Goering, Foreign Minister Ribbentrop et al, were judged by Russians and the other major victors.
Ironically, as Russia also invaded Poland, the alleged reason for the war, shortly after Germany invaded, in keeping with secret provisions of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
As Russia is alleged to have been a co-conspirator with Germany in waging aggressive war in Poland, perhaps the input of the Russian judges should be rescinded and trial results declared null and void? The defendants also had no appeal mechanism.
The ICC may be continuing the charade established in Nuremberg?

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Let's pray the ICC does indeed go to Afghanistan. It sounds like Afghanistan has signed and ratified the Statute of Rome . If so, the ICC can try actors such as Australia and UK if not USA for illegal acts performed since joining. Caveat - I'm not a lawyer.