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Probably Allen's best work, maybe the most joyous, beautiful film about or from Paris of the last 10 years. The fact Woody's character took a swipe at the goofy tea party goons is just a minor plus.

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Fairtax exempts government wages spent on EDUCATION -- but all other government wages are taxed

See page 138 of "Fairtax The Truth" Answering the Critics". Fairtax makes city, county, state, and federal goverment pay this tax on employee wages and benefits -- IN ADVANCE.

Of course, in advance or not, is not the point, although NY city sending in 1.1 billion dollars in advance, presumably once a month or year, would be an absurdity. This deception by Fairtax is just a way to hide the fact that PEOPLE would have to pay drastically higher taxes that 23% of personal consumption,

Even the federal government has to pay this, even though they BORROW the money to pay, for example, the wages of soldiers in the two wars -- those wages are TAXED.

A 23% of personal consumption tax , on things we normally tax in sales taxes now, would bring in LESS than 1 trillion.

Since Fairtax could only collect 1 trillion (they can't collect taxes from Government, that is goofy) and they pay out 800 billion, Fairtax total revenue, TOTAL-- for the government is 200 billion.

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No tax on wages? Are you insane? Fairtax has 300 billion in taxes on wages -- to be paid IN ADVANCE.

Here is a video I just did -- more are coming

I can show you three places were Fairtax DOES INDEED tax government wages -- a 300 billion dollar bogus deception -- IN ADVANCE. They not only tax them, they tax them IN ADVANCE>

So NYC would have to pay 1.1 billion dollars IN ADVANCE on the wages and benefits it pays it's city cops, firemen, ect.

The only exception to that rule, is education spending. That portion of an education budget that pays wages, is not taxed. However, and education spending NOT pertaining to direct class room teaching -- such as coaching sports -- would be taxed.

See page 10, footnote 19.

Also see

Also see

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i have no doubt the author is insincere -- even a cursory examination of Lee's life show he had slaves up to and through the Civil War. In fact, Lee had slave girls tortured -- he was obsessed with one specific girl, 12-14 years old, and paid six times his normal bounty to have her caught, then had her tortured while he screamed at her.

Lee regularly sold children born to his slaves, because he could not sell the slave adults, do to the terms of the will. His slaves detested him -- probably because he kept selling their children.

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Lee not only had slaves, he tortured them, including girls as young as 13-14 years old.

Lee's own handwritten account books show he sold infants -- including a white looking infant, the daughter of his light skinned slave girl. Her picture is in the book "READING THE MAN" -- a book about Lee's papers.

Lee defended slavery as God's will -- and even defended the torture of slaves, telling his wife that pain was "necessary for their instruction as a race". Lee explains slavery is GOOD for slaves, it's the white people Lee feels sorry for.

Lee wrote that ONLY God can end slavery -- it's evil for men to even try., Lee was obsessed with a certain slave girl that had escaped, she left with her white looking child. Lee paid six times his normal bounty for the return of this girl. See the book Reading the Man and the blog about Lee's papers.

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Fairtax sounds great but is total nonsense. I was fooled at first too. I have spent years studying Fairtax -- at first I thought it was great, then I saw it had "some issues". They asked questions to their spokesmen and "experts" who more or less told me, it's a farce.

I am not kidding

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Oh another sucker for Farce tax? What a scream!!

Sure Farce Tax (Fairtax) sounds great, and I fell for the nonsense too -- till I read the fine print.

My prayer is that you Farce Tax goonies don't wake up to the lunacy and deception, until Huckabee is running for president and backs it!! GOD I would love that. I am dead serious, I would love that. Can you say "Obama is my president" for another term? Yes you can -- just say FAIRTAX

See boys and girls, Fairtax has in their fine print a trillion dollar tax on city and state governments. Yes-- on city and state governments, and yes, a trillion dollars. Google Fairtax fine print and learn something.

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Fairtax is utter nonsense.

Sounds great though. But it's beyond nonsense..


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I'm not sure what happened. But it wasn't really over drugs --its always over status. One person feels he lost status -- and reacts violently to regain his status -- to show others he is tuff, or bad, or whatever.