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I would use the Song of Time (let's say in the Majora's Mask context, though for more than 3 days) so that I could go back a few years and say goodbye to my nan one last time.

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Awesome, awesome shirt C:

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Is it wrong that this has disappointed me? I don't know really, I guess I'll have to wait and see what Skyward Swords controls are like for myself before I make that judgement.

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It's really nice, but WHY Nintendo? After so many people already got the 3DS specifically for OOT? I'd kill for this, but I already have a 3DS now...

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I couldn't have worded it better myself.

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"Travel across the whole world looking for “Jewels of Compassion” (crystallized human gratitude) to help a demon with his transformation into a human" - That sounds very interesting C:

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Dude, I didn't like Skyward Sword originally because of the art style (which, let's be honest, is a pretty silly reason) though I've grown to love it and am really excited for it coming out. Just give it a try? You might end up loving it to.

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I hope everyone that went had a great time! (though of course they did, who wouldn't?) I'm gutted that I couldn't go, but oh well :D Skyward sword, here we come! ~

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The funny thing is, I'm a leftie, but I play right handed anyway :L

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Where abouts? I love Wales C: