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This episode really hit me with a fastball towards the end. Moondancer's speech during the pinata scene cracked open some painful memories, ones which I prefer not to think about. This episode hits me really hard because of striking similarities between Moondancer's story and that of my own childhood. All throughout Elementary School I had a single group of friends and we were inseparable. As soon as Middle School hit, Poof, our "Leader" and My Best Friend decided he wanted to hang out with the "Cool Kids" and he left without saying so much as goodbye. The rest of my friends quickly fell away, after losing the one person who held us together it just wasn't the same anymore. I tried desperately to find new friends, it was always with people I never really cared for. I was always the kid who tried way too hard to be popular and often got burned by this approach. Eventually, I just gave up on talking to anyone except my parents. Very much in the same way that Moondancer did I shut myself off from everyone, I was determined never to let myself get hurt like that again. I lived my life like that for a very long time with frequent bouts of severe depression, crushing anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. That was all the way up until I started watching MLP. This show brought me up from the darkest point in my life and it taught me that it was okay to be myself and to let people in. Suddenly, I wasn't living for anyone else and instead I was living for myself. I still wouldn't consider myself a social juggernaut but I am much better than I used to be. This episode just brought up a lot of emotions as sadly my friend isn't a purple horse princess and I still haven't spoken to him since all the way back in sixth grade despite seeing him all the time. He just passes by me on the street without so much as a hello.

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No VA panel live stream... Whelp that just ruined my day

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Joaftheloaf is quickly becoming one of my favorite brony musicians!

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My Friend had mentioned it before and I saw it on the front page of youtube one night. I figured well if it is this popular there must be some reason why and now here I am With ponies in my heart, on my ipod, and on my shelves

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With Pinkie Pie and Discord hosts its obvious to see they are throwing pandas at us

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Diamond Luna The Hungry Librarian Destined To Eat Bunnies...Yep

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ERDERHURR Wrong intro it burnsssss...

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#2 Yessss... My two favorite thing Jonathan Coulton and MLP Combined!

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A German Brony Documentary?! Cool I knew that class would be good for something