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Exactly. Either he's a racist asshole, or he's so completely out of touch that he lets whoever write whatever under his name as long as he's getting paid.

Or probably both.

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... even when I did, I kind of thought he was an asshole."

At least, that's how I'd finish the sentence.

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Bravo, sir or ma'am. Bravo!

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I have to say I'm suprised at the lack of media and political savvy Bloomberg & Co. are demonstrating here. What's the big deal? Wouldn't the smarter move be to just ignore OWS and let it melt away in the wintertime? Moving in to crack skulls just pisses people off. I'm saying, even if you're a plutocrat, busting heads is not a smart solution to a "problem" that isn't one, really. What the hell?

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Michele Bachmann?

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I wasn't getting a date-rapey vibe from the Hermanator. It looked to me more like he was trying (and nearly failing) to keep from busting out laughing. I bet they had to do multiple takes of him doing that serious/smiley thing and with each take the absurdity of the whole thing made it seem funnier and funnier until by the end the director would shout "Action!" and Cain would just cold crack up.

This is a man almost literally without a campaign, who's nonetheless in a dead heat with Mitt Romney, who's been running for President for like five years now. I'd probably be laughing my ass off, too.

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I'm simultaneously amused and filled with despair that an actual Presidential campaign has (unknowingly? Perhaps!) stolen a line from "The Simpsons Movie" spoken by President Schwarzenegger, in what was intended to be a satire of manly-man leadership. Jesus. Self-parody much, Herman?

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Oh, man, I learned the same thing my senior year of college. I've refrained from using that power since then, but it's nice to know it's there as, like, an option, you know?

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"Exactly what is their point? They've got nothing and they're only too happy to share it with the greed-driven corporations? "

Pretty much. "My life sucks, and that's OK!" If I gave them a bit more credit, I'd say they were misreading "Candide" as a self-help manual rather than a satire.

Nietzsche would have a field day with these clowns. It's pretty much a perfect illustration of what he called "slave morality" - things are awful for me, but the Big Dude says it's all part of the plan, so it's fine that things are awful! Anyone who tries to change the fact that things are awful is messing with the Big Dude's plan, and that's wrong!

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Drink that girl!