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geeettttttt dunked on!!!

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Oops, e-mail notifications. Ad hominem- "responding to arguments by attacking a person's character, rather than to the content of their arguments."

That's exactly what you did. "But do not have the audacity to climb up on a phony moral high horse and pretend like you're somehow the better person for it." Ironically, that's what you did, but that's beside the point now. Considering that you failed to refute the vast majority of my arguments, instead opting to tell me how I was using the Nirvana Fallacy repeatedly, I would say you tapped out quite a while ago. I'm flattered that you keep coming back, even though "nobody else in the world cares anymore", but I think you lost this one.

You could have just stopped replying, seeing as you asked me to move on, but I suppose that's just you being hypocritical again. I'm sure you'll try to talk about the Nirvana Fallacy and whatnot once again, but at this point I'm actually going to start ignoring you, because I know how to drop things, and hopefully you can just end this here. Unless you just absolutely have to have the last words, which is okay, because I suppose you might not have much confidence in your argument at this point. Anyways, I will once again make an attempt at being polite, as this is an internet debate and manners are often forgotten, exemplified by your comments. Have a lovely night, I appreciate your time and the opportunity to discuss our opinions.

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I'm not trying to say that your choice to not buy this plushie isn't a good thing. And I agree, refusing to buy products from companies that abuse their workers is very noble of you. However, you haven't denied that you buy other products from Chinese companies. Despite the Nirvana Fallacy, your goal in posting your initial comment seemed to be to shame anyone who bought these plushies. You could say that this is in accordance with the Tu Quoque fallacy, (, but you brought your own actions into this, rather than just your position in this issue, when you stated:

"If you want to rationalize supporting industrial art thieves because having a stuffed animal toy is more important than things like morality or legality or the ability of the parent company to continue makling real merchandise, you go right ahead, but do not have the audacity to climb up on a phony moral high horse and pretend like you're somehow the better person for it."

Also, you've now gotten to a point where you're using vulgarity like "for fucks sake", so this is no longer a simple debate. Want to hear about logical fallacies?

Or maybe, since you seem to be reprimanding my arguments with your Nirvana Fallacy, despite not really having much to back your argument up besides that, how about this:

Anyways, you're right, I'm kind over with you now. I won't be checking this thread anymore, but good luck with your activism for the abolishment of the exploitation of workers in China. I'm sure that trying to prove that you're better than everyone by opting to not support it this one time is really helping. Have a good rest of your Saturday!

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I'm sorry, by "destroying any uncertainty on the matter", did you not mean that your arguments destroy any uncertainty on the topic at hand? If not, then I'm sincerely very sorry for misunderstanding, but from my perspective you implied that your comments resolve any uncertain opinions. Were you trying to say something different?

If not, again, very sorry. Genuine misunderstanding. You probably should have taken AP Human Geography, or at least regular human geography. I don't know how old you are, so maybe it wasn't required during your high school experience.

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Are you denying that you have ever been to a Walmart? If not, lovely, but very unlikely. Read this slowly, so maybe you'll comprehend this time. My point, which you seem to have completely missed, is that it's pretty much impossible to avoid supporting "slave labor" in China. What are you writing your comment on? A computer? A phone? There's a good chance that it was assembled in China. No, it wasn't a direct observation. But I assumed from your username that you lived in the U.S., again, it wasn't a confirmed fact, but you haven't denied it. If you don't shop at Walmart, you've probably shopped at a lot of stores that buy merchandise from Chinese factories that exploit their workers. Therefore, your statement was likely hypocritical.

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Not really. You were discussing how you "destroy uncertainty on the matter", and since you didn't here, my comment was relevant. If you wanted a private conversation, a public comment thread probably isn't the best place to have it.

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You didn't destroy the uncertainty on this matter. People are still buying these plushies. Sorry to burst your modest little bubble.

It's also worth mentioning that fanmade plushies are illegal to sell, too. I suppose you hate the amazing plush creations from the fandom, too.

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I'm so sorry for not citing my sources on an Equestria Daily comment. I thought that if you had at least taken human geography in high school, considering my school had an entire unit about companies like Walmart, you'd know. But here:

84% of Americans say they've shopped there in the last year. Was that really necessary?

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I said, and I quote, "have you ever shopped at a Walmart?" Statistically, you probably have. I would say that it's reasonable to assume that the vast majority of Americans have shopped at Walmart at some point in their life, sorry if I didn't take into account how perfect you are. If not, have you ever shopped at Target? Walgreens? Have you ever bought anything made in China? That was my point. It's pretty much impossible to have only bought American-made goods at this point in our globalization. So even if you choose to not buy these plushies, you're likely supporting other companies that exploit their workers. All I'm saying is that you have no right to look down on people who choose to purchase merchandise like this. We're aware of it, but if you'd like to suggest how to continue our comfortable American lifestyle without exploiting cheap labor, be my guest. It's awful, but there's no point in pretending like you're any better than someone who buys theses plushies.

As for the toxic fabric, that's a risk the buyer has to take. I'm not going to buy a plushie because I'm not taking that risk. I agree with you for the most part, but trying to prove that you're superior and acting aggressive is not the way to get your argument across.

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Have you ever shopped at a Walmart? You have? Great, you've supported "slave labor". Pretty much everything from a factory in China was made by mistreated workers. Get off your high horse, please, because your argument is invalid.