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People queue for supermarkets etc in their own time, not in paid work time. Obviously certain jobs require a physical presence. Being an MP is not one of them. I know my own MP has been working. If some shirk they are probably the same ones that shirk when Parliament is open.

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I would imagine most people are thinking the exact opposite. When they are set up to work from home, why are MPs spending a large part of their working day standing doing nothing in long queues when they could have voted at the push of a button. The official government advice is to work from home if you can. They can. Why are they not following their own advice?

Absolutely ridiculous. At a time when most businesses and organisations are working hard to adapt, innovate and do things differently (sometimes better) to contribute to the national effort to beat the virus Parliament embarrasses itself like this - and shows zero regard for its members (and in turn their constituents) who are older, vulnerable and shielding. Thankfully Boris u-turned on that at least - but why put him in the position where he had to?

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When we went into lockdown there was a serious shortage of tests. Large numbers of people had symptoms and were ill but never tested. Now there is capacity to test tens of thousands of people per day so you can assume far more with symptoms are now being tested. So when we went into lockdown the positive tests represented a tiny fraction - 5%? 3%? - of actual cases whereas now the assumption seems to be we're capturing at least 30% of cases (I base this on a rolling 7-day average of 2.5k reported new cases a day and the scientists estimating c.8k actual cases per day).

So the two figures are not comparable. Today's numbers are very encouraging. We're not out of the woods yet, and the public's behaviour with a looser lockdown is key, but definite strides in the right direction now.

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We really need to move on from this - it would help if ComHome stopped putting out pieces about it!

For me it's the retrospective altering of the blog that rings alarm bells. Not a sackable offence, clearly, but just makes me wonder if Mr Cummings is as clever as he - and more importantly the PM - like to think he is. It seems a pretty narcissistic thing to prioritise when the country is in crisis.

The PM has invested a massive amount of political capital in keeping him - let's hope he's worth it.

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Why would you say this? My friend's children (age 12 and 15) had it 2 weeks ago. They were tested as she is a carer and couldn't go back to work until the whole family retested negative. Their symptoms were brief and milder than the parents but they still had it.

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I understand that and am not suggesting it can be eliminated. We have to learn to live with it and I'm optimistic most of us can - although it's a terrible thing for vulnerable people shielding. My point is that infections need to be low enough for us to contain it in small outbreaks and stop it surging back in large numbers. The noises from some of the scientists seem to suggest we're not quite at that point yet and it would be madness to throw away all the gains we've made.

My sense is that we now have too many people too scared of it (friends in their 40s who are terrified of meeting for a coffee in the park and won't consider sending kids to school) and too many people not concerned enough (large groups of teenagers now out and about with no social distancing whatsoever). I juat hope tgere are enough of us in the middle - alert if you will - to both get the economy moving and avoid another surge.

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Exactly. It's not about the children getting it - the risks to their health are minute - it's about covid starting to spread again in schools and out into the community. We are now at an incredibly delicate point in managing the virus. Get it right and we could see most of the economy open back up with social distancing and TTI keeping the virus in check. Get it wrong and we're back to square one and risk another lockdown.

Much as I would LOVE my poor bored children to be back at school, I'd still prefer to wait until September if that's what it takes to get the infection numbers right down and reduce the risk of a second wave. Spain had a similar outbreak to us but their infection rate is now significantly lower than ours. They're still not going back to school until September. With the current 58k new infections a week in the UK I'm not sure the timing is right or that the benefits of going back to school for 6 weeks outweigh the risks.

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There were sightings of Cummings out and about in the Durham area on 12th & 19th April and 10th May. They may or may not be correct, but make no mistake, now the police, a pack of journalists and furious members of the public are on the case, evidence - if there is any - will emerge.

So let's hope Boris is 100% sure that Cummings' transgression was just the one ill-judged dash north when his child's welfare was key. That is just about defendable. Multiple trips back and forth from London to see family cannot and should not be defended. If Cummings did indeed make those trips and has not been straight with the PM - or worse if the PM knows and has decided to front it out - this will not end well. I imagine these are the sort of facts the 22 are currently trying to establish.

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And the third one on 10th May.

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He drove from London to Durham on what appears to be 3 separate occasions when the Stay at Home message was in full force. Do you really see this as 'nothing wrong'. Incidentally I'm currently queuing outside a coffee shop in Hale, Graham Brady's constituency - Tory heartland - and two couples are chatting about how wrong Cummings was to travel and how one of them has stuck out covid with small children. People are really riled by this - even before the details of trips 2 and 3 are clear.