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Doppler forecasts are great for PLANNED events. If you are going on a hike next week or going to the beach, etc... but if you want up to date weather report... watch your surroundings.

I can normally "feel" a storm coming... you can actually smell it if you pay attention... If you don't trust your nose watch the birds. Wildlife is more intune with the weather than we are... if you notice an absence of birds, squirrels, or other little critters that are normally about... something is up. --- and it's a good time for to pay attention for dangerous things like weather and predators.

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Ya know after you watch a movie like The Road or Book of Eli, you start to wonder if you you would ever consider trying to help someone else.

I don't think it is as easy as Yes or No. In some situations, hurricanes, floods, natural disasters, etc.. I would be very willing to help people in any way that I could... because I am confident that society will be returning. Once we have turned a corner that society is not returning or is not coming back on anytime soon... I will be closing up shop and unless we have shared a roof in the past.. I don't plan on sharing one with you now.

My role as a husband and father are paramount to me and I will be extremely cautious in trusting ANYONE in a true EOTW situation.

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The shelf life of an MRE is largely dependent on how it is stored... if you keep them in a cool, dry location, they can last literally YEARS longer (and if you store them in a very hot location, they may not last more than a year). Depending on how you are able to store, MRE or Backpack Meals may be better.

As a former Marine, I like the MRE... it provides alot of value both in calories and comfort items..., but my recommendation is actually to store a variety of different food sources. Get some MRE, some Mountain House, stock your shelves... Give yourself some options.

One thing that may have been overlooked... MRE's do NOT require to be heated... you can eat them right out of the bag if you need to. So if you need to grab some calories on the go and don't want to take the time or give up concealment to heat up food. MRE may be better. I don't know if you could do the same with a Mountain House meal... at a minimum, they take a little bit of prep.

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Damn you and your book reviews... I guess I'm adding at least one more to the library. :)

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I don't watch a lot of TV, but I'll be checking this show out.

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I have been familiar with the Rule of Three (3 hours without shelter -- 3 days without water -- 3 weeks without food), but I was recently reminded about two more components to the Rule. 3 Seconds without Faith (It only takes a moment to give up) and 3 months without Companionship.

I honestly can't imagine a long term survival situation that involved being a One Man Gang. Whether it is security (when do you sleep if you are the only one keeping a look out), to performing regular tasks and chores (how many times is it going to be helpful to have an extra hand or two)... to emergency/first aid --- what if you've been wounded (it's very helpful to have a steady hand work on areas of your body that you can't quite reach).

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I say bring the dog. I see it as a little insurance... if something goes bump in the night, Fido will be there to help you check it out. When you have no one left to talk to, you have Fido to talk to... and in the event that you run out of food... you can eat the dog. Come on... he's your best friend... he wouldn't want you to be hungry.

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I know nothing about machetes..., but... I like the Parang, because it has the coolest sounding name. :)

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Once again. Thanks for the info.

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In my library, I have the SAS Survival Guide and a book about edible plants...