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I know why they did this... Psy watched the episode of Game Grumps Sonic '06 in wich both Jon and Arin complain about how only the first level of Sonic is fun and the other levels just have a slower boring pace.

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What you don't know is that that demoman just got autobalanced to the blue team. Also... this has been my first comment since like... a year? I don't even know anymore... I've also been soaked in Scrumpy all this thime... *BURP*

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Sir I beleive you've made a mistake. You said that they REMOVE angles. That can't be possible since the melon started as a sphere, you should ADD angles.

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I must Skrist it's my duty to know what can stop them, because if i don't they might take over ther world... Now... Goodbye Halolz I will meet you in the after life...

WOAH LOOK AT THAT! They dont reach you when on a horse... silly chiken you can't fly that high...

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Made it trough the water temple in less than a month
Fuck Yeah!
Now to survive the massive chicken attack!

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As a regular player in the mario kart map i must say that this video is the most accurate representation of what happens there daily.

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Just now did I realized that you can't choose charmander, since it's not in the same egg group as gardevoir

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It's not his fault you cant keep up with his awesomeness

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The worst part is that he will continue to follow you in that squirtle custome every time you are having sex...

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Happy new year to you to Alpar! I remember that before I had my comment acount. I came to the comments looking forward for yours.
I have been following halolz for more years but this is my first year as a commenter and I must say it was pleasant.