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Being as you are a longtime subordinate, you obviously have no hope for change.

Perhaps Obama and you could start your own support group for the hopeless.

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Do you have any hope to go with that change??

Obama surely doesn't.

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We should not call Obama a liar just because he says so many things that aren't so.

Obama is just reality challenged.

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Other than the fraud that is Obama, are there any other court cases on the entire planet where someone contested, or fought tooth and nail would be a more accurate assessment in Obama's case, any examination of an item so common as a birth document, as anyone can acquire directly from the archived records of their place of birth for a small $10-$20 fee??

Any competent attorney, especially a supposed constitutional scholar such as Obama, would simply present it to a court once and then invoke the doctrine of collateral estoppel, saving hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in legal costs, instead of fighting the same court battle repeatedly.

Is Obama just stupid, or the most incompetent attorney in the history of the civilized world?? Or both??

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Roberts is a lifelong political degenerate more interested in preserving his image in the Washington, D.C. social circles, than having the cajones to defend the US Constitution and the American people from the communist tyranny of the Obama regime.

Roberts did for the Obama regime what the Obama regime was avoiding, defining the Obama Death Care Plan as a tax on the American people.

This Olympic size Obama tax increase is the largest tax increase recorded anywhere in the history of the modern world.

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Barack Junior, while certainly not the smartest president to occupy the Oval Office, is making progress, and may have that GED in hand by election day.

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These ministers can not be blind to the obvious fact that Barack Junior's intention is to further the moral degradation of the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

Barack Junior is a communist, who has nothing but contempt for this country, and makes every effort to destroy this great nation at every opportunity.

Barack Junior, being a practicing homosexual moonbat himself, with homosexuality being a well established and distinguishing trait among moonbats, has no interest in meeting with these ministers, or any group, that may disagree with the liberal agenda for the total destruction of the US.

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Do you just create your own fairy tales as you go along??

President Nixon was not impeached.

Only two presidents have been impeached, Andrew Johnson and Billy Bubba Klinton, who were both lifelong democrats.

Do try to keep up.

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Since you are extending the invitation, you should post the address of your mother's basement.

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Nice try dipstick, but there is only one MombosaMoonbeam.

The real MombosaMoonbeam rips liberals to shreds every day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

Anyone else making the claim, is just a cheap imitation.

The same as Barack Junior claiming to be the President. Just a cheap imitation in an empty suit, who can't put two words together to form a comprehensible sentence, while stuttering all over himself as he struggles through his drug induced haze to mispronounce the simplest of words.

MombosaMoonbeam, often imitated, but never duplicated.